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Hello, dear Habrausers!

Due to the fact that the number of people using our UC Browser for surfing is constantly growing, and mainly due to an increase in the number of Android OS users, we decided to collect the most frequently asked questions and answers to them in this topic, using them as our own, as well as the advice of our users.
So let's get started.

Q. What versions of UC Browser are released for the Android platform?
A. Initially, the lightweight mobile browser UCWEB and the more functional UC Mobile were launched on the WebKit engine, but then these projects were combined and the product was renamed to UC Browser. Despite this, three different browsers are currently being released, which, in addition to the interface language and many additional functions, differ primarily in the browser engine:
1. UC Browser mini on the U2 engine (classic compression engine, compression can only be disabled for wap / wml ) Is the heir to the classic UCWEB. There are only three types of page adaptation - screen compression, compression with scaling, scaling without compression.
2. UC Browser on the U3 engine (a modern engine, supports working with both compressed and uncompressed html pages) - the result of combining UCWEB and UC Mobile;
3. UC Browser HD (for tablets) on the engine of the system (stock) Android browser, traffic compression does not occur.
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Q. What is the difference between these versions?
A. It is worth noting that the versions can be divided into official and unofficial.
1. Chinese - there are a lot of things in the version, all sorts of goodies in the form of a Chinese market (for example, you can download initially paid programs for free in it). At first, this version gets new functions, but the obvious minus is the Chinese language of the interface;
2. Russian - a version based on the Chinese, but quite severely truncated in functional terms;
3. The mini version is an even more truncated version of the browser. Nothing extra. Uses a minimum of memory with minimal functionality. The main difference between the mini version is its own uhtm page format;
4. The HD version is for tablets.
1. Chinese - the functionality is almost the same as the official Chinese version, but it is translated into Russian and corrected by our craftsmen. Minus - some places in the interface remain Chinese (if they are sent by the server) or require root user intervention (replacing the home page, search engines, etc.).
Starting with version 9.0, the official Russian version will have the same functionality as the Chinese one.
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Q. How to view the pages saved by the browser?
A. You just need to open the saved html file with the built-in file manager of the browser. If you open through the system file manager and by default no program is assigned to this type of file, the system will ask how to open this file. Pages saved in the mini-version should be opened only in the browser.
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Q. Flash does not work on the latest versions. What to do?
A. We try the following: the phone has an Adobe icon, a click on it, a click on UC Browser, if there is a puzzle instead of the settings menu, it means that UC Browser does not see your flash player. It is noted that for normal operation, Adobe flash must be non-system, or there must be an update without integration into the ROM, if the player is installed in the system.
Plus, it may be in the performance of phones, because flash is very difficult, especially video from youtube. For this, it is better to use special applications.
All of the above applies to translated Chinese versions. Flash is acceptable on official Russian versions starting from version, but not on earlier versions.
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Q. Why are the home pages of different versions different from each other?
A. Home pages for each version are sent by the server individually, depending on the language and technical parameters of your device. The home page, error pages, and some other service pages are encrypted, so in the translated Chinese versions, the “Russian home page” is a page removed from the Russian (English) version and inserted into the Chinese, which, as a result, can fly off. How to deal with this, consider below.
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Q. The homepage of translated versions crashes.
A. So that the home page does not crash, we go along the path /data/data/com.UCMobile/UCMobile/usdata4 [or 5, depending on the version] and for the files:
lp_favor, lp_navi, lp_navi_css, nlp_navi_us_popularsites, nlp_navn_ip_usp_usp_usp_usav_us_us_us_usp_usav_us_us_us_us_us_us_us (using any file manager with root).
The search files sl_start_search, sl_start_search2 are first replaced, then we set the read-only attributes. Ad files (such as sl_ad_10) - delete everything and put a ban on writing to the usdata4 folder [5].


In general, it is worth considering that everything changes from version to version and the files may be different.
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Q. Search tools disappeared, how to get them back?
A. This can happen when the design of the homepage changes and at that moment you decide to use the search. Along the path data / data / com.UCMobile / UCMobile / usdata4 [5] we change the name of the folder, for example, to data / data / com.UCMobile / UCMobile / usdata41
We go into the browser and update the home page through the Help tab. The home page will become blank. After that, close the browser, again go the path data / data / com.UCMobile / UCMobile / usdata4 [5] and copy the files from this folder:
sl_start_search2 to the folder data / data / com.UCMobile / UCMobile / usdata41.
The folder data / data / com.UCMobile / UCMobile / usdata4 [5] is deleted, on the files
sl_start_search2 and sl_start_search remove the write permission. Rename the folder again.
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Q. Can I make sure that UC Browser does not close when minimized to background?
A. The Android operating system itself determines when and which programs to close, the more RAM, the more programs remain in it. The browser does not have any specific settings for working in the background, everything is determined exclusively by the operating system. Plus, UC Browser remembers its last state, open pages and even the position on the page itself.
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Q. Spoilers then open, then no, why is this happening?
A. In order for spoilers to open without reloading the page, just turn off page compression in your browser settings. When compression is enabled, the contents of the spoiler are not loaded and become available only after your request, which causes the content to be loaded along with a page reload.
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Q. How to put a different design theme on the official Russian-language version?
A. Everything is simple here: download the topic, then open the built-in file manager (Menu - Downloads - Fileman) - tap on the downloaded topic. Themes designed for versions below 8.8 are not compatible with themes for newer versions.
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Q. Why in navigation some of my sites without icons (logos)?
A. Icons are displayed only if they are in the UC Mobile database. The database itself is quite small, so the icons of most sites will not be displayed.
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Q. Sites do not correctly define my time zone. How to fix?
A. Quite often, sites set the time zone automatically according to your IP (and browser servers are located all over the world, including Russia, China, America, Canada and many others). Sometimes the browser may not work through your national server, hence the wrong definition. To solve the problem, it is enough in the settings of your profile to remove the automatic setting of the time zone.
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Q. When the page compression mode is enabled, I will not be allowed to go to some sites. Why so?
A. There are several options:
1. The site administrator banned the IP of compressing servers of UC Browser;
2. Some sites impose restrictions: on the use of proxy, on location, on User-agent, because when you turn off compression, sites see your current location, and in compression mode there will be a proxy server location;
3. Also, the provider, operator can restrict visits and block sites, and there is nothing to be done about it.
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Q. Can I import bookmarks from the FireFox browser?
A. Yes, you can.
1. Install the Gmarks plugin on Firefox
2. In the Firefox main menu, select: Gmarks - Arrange bookmarks - File - Import.
3. Bookmarks are imported into Google Bookmarks (since you use the Android OS, it means that you have a google account).
4. Install GBookmark or GoMarks for Google Bookmarks on your device to synchronize your Google Bookmarks bookmarks and stock browser, synchronize them.
5. In UC Browser: Bookmarks - Management - Import - Import system bookmarks.

In a similar way, you can import bookmarks from other browsers if they allow you to save them in html format or synchronize with Google Bookmarks.
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Q. Can I import bookmarks from Opera mini?
A. You can use bookmarks from any Opera browser without syncing them. To do this:
1. In Opera settings, enable the Opera Link bookmark synchronization service;
2. We synchronize with the service;
3. In UC Browser, go to link.opera.com , log in, and see our bookmarks there;
4. Save the bookmark with this page in UC Browser. Now all bookmarks with Opera are always at hand, up to date.
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Q. How to search text on a page in UC Browser?
A. Menu - Options - Table of Contents Search

Q. I can not answer on forums, the form for the answer does not appear. How to fix?
A. Either turn off the compression, or switch to the mobile version of the site, if any. On full versions of sites with compression turned on, many scripts do not work (they are cut by the compression server).
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Q. In Chinese versions, there is an application similar to Google play. What is it?
A. This is a Chinese application manager - a very convenient thing, because everything is free there, that is, for nothing, including applications that are paid on Google Play. Of course, searching there is not very convenient, because you need to know the Chinese name of the application, but many have English names. Application update also works.
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Q. Is it possible to somehow get rid of advertising?
A. Of course it is. If there is root, it is enough to replace the hosts file, of which there are enough various options on the Internet. Ads will be blocked not only in the browser, but also in other applications.
Applications do the same:
AdFree Android
Recent versions of the browser already have a built-in ad blocker.
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Q. What is Udisk?
A. This is a special service from UC Mobile Ltd. that allows you to save and transfer bookmarks to other versions of the browser, download files to an online disk and upload them from this disk to forums, bypassing your device and, accordingly, not consuming any traffic at all. You can read more about Udisk in my article in Russian and English . From that moment, much has changed, the service has become English and Russian-speaking, registration has been simplified, but the principles of its work have remained the same. At the moment, the ability to view and listen to content uploaded to Udisk is being implemented in various versions of the browser.
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Q. How to download torrent files? After loading, they do not open.
A. Try downloading torrent files through a Western proxy so that the retracker.local parameter is not added to them.
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That's all for the moment. It is clear that there are many more questions, so do not hesitate to ask them, we will try to answer them and supplement this FAQ.

Good luck to everyone and with the upcoming holidays!

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