Vital position of VKontakte users. Bonus track. Correlations

    Almost immediately after I published the post Vital position of VK users depending on gender and age , the idea came up to check how this or that aspect of the life position depends on others. As mentioned in a previous post, for this again, there was no need to make complex calculations, just turn to the search on VK profiles.

    Statistics for the total number of people of different ages see in the first part. Let me remind you that horizontally on all graphs the age of people is postponed.

    This is how alcohol addiction affects men's life guidelines:

    The obvious assumption is justified that drinkers are more likely than teetotalers consider entertainment and relaxation to be the main thing in life. In addition, men who are positive about alcohol are more focused on beauty, art, fame, career, and money, less on self-development, family, and children.

    The relationship of attitude to alcohol and attitude to others:

    It is striking that opponents of alcohol less value humor and love of life in people, but pay more attention to honesty and kindness. It is curious that among alcohol lovers there are 4 times more likely to meet people, especially those who evaluate others according to their power and wealth.

    The influence of priorities in men's lives on requirements for other people (clickable):

    Family people expectedly more than others respect honesty and kindness, but for some reason, like teetotalers, they do not care so much about love of life and humor. The only noticeable difference between the categories of those who seek to improve the world and those who are engaged in self-development - the first worlds more often pay attention to the power and money of others (apparently, considering them as a tool for implementing their own grandiose plans to improve the world).

    Similar statistics among women (clickable): An interesting detail is that girls who are focused on self-development are more valued in courage and perseverance in others (apparently men). If you want to continue research in this direction, you can use the updated script in Python. UPD. aoberon

    conducted a real study of the correlation of different life positions, ages, marital status:

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