Do you plan to permanently leave Russia before 2017?

    In connection with the resonant events of recent times, Habr needs a new poll on this topic. In fact, the residents of Habr can be called representatives of the progressive part of Russian citizens (both the CIS countries and Russian-speaking people in general), and if a significant part of such people want to leave the country, then this is a very serious sign. P. Peter periodically appears in the comments, and the mood accompanying him, but I propose to accurately calculate how many of us plan to emigrate abroad?

    Naturally, all the answer options “Yes” imply a plan of permanent residence in another country with a tendency to obtain a second citizenship (or change it in principle).

    2017 is chosen as a replacement for the term "near future."
    The item "I am a citizen of another country from birth" is selected so that residents of Ukraine, Belarus and other countries can also vote (and at the same time we can understand the percentage in principle of Russian citizens on Habré)

    Only registered users can participate in the survey. Please come in.

    Do you plan to leave Russia forever?

    • 29.4% Yes, I plan to leave before 2017 2950
    • 15.3% Yes, I plan to leave later than 2017 1539
    • 6.4% I already left and live in another country 647
    • 31.4% No, I plan to stay 3141
    • 17.2% I am a citizen of another country since birth 1724

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