The Russian programming center in Dubna goes under water!

    On April 20, 2013, an official news appeared in the official Portal of the Science City of Dubna with the frightening title “The flood develops according to the most alarming scenario”. Here is a small quote from it:
    At the next meeting of the operational headquarters, the Head of the city V.E. Prokh said: “Unfortunately, the flood develops according to the most alarming scenario, there is a very powerful discharge of water from the Ivankovo ​​reservoir. Today, water has approached a critical level mark - horticultural partnerships, including "Dawn", "Dawn -1", "Dubna", the water rises right up to the houses. In such circumstances, in order to protect the population, I was forced to declare an emergency regime.

    I think you will understand our concern if I say that it is in Dubna that there is a place called the Russian Programming Center, in which, in fact, is the development center of our group of companies and most of our corporate resources!

    If you have not been to Dubna, then the link ( you can see how it looked in the "peace time". I will not go into details about the reasons for the occurrence of such a situation, for do not judge, but you will not judge. Therefore, only a few photos of the facts.

    On April 22, 2013 at 13:00 after visiting the server room located on the basement of the main building, where the opening of the raised floor showed that another 30 cm and our servers would “float”, a decision was made to evacuate the equipment a couple of floors above. An hour after the evacuation, the electricity in the building was turned off.

    Despite another statement on the city’s official portal stating that “The situation has stabilized,” an increase of another 40 cm is expected today.

    What conclusion did I personally draw from the current situation, having remained for several (I hope!) Days without most of the corporate resources? Catastrophic information systems are not fantastic monsters that only giants such as Google and Microsoft need, but an urgent need even for a medium-sized business that wants to feel safe even in our, as it seemed to us, safe middle zone .

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