Apps4 Russia 2013 competition - open data where you can make money

    Friends, we finally announced a contest for Apps4Russia developers that we have been holding for the 3rd year and this year we have come to the conclusion that it is much larger, it is even better for citizens and for developers and for everyone who is interested in open data. Since I don’t want to speak the language of press releases, I’ll talk about the competition as it is.

    What is Apps4Russia?

    The competition promotes standards for working with open data, contributes to the creation and establishment of public, managerial and business projects. The Apps4Russia contest has been held annually since 2011 and has already become a platform for the exchange of valuable ideas and meaningful communication between talented Russian developers, leading experts in the field of WEB development and investors.

    The Apps4Russia contest is based on open data disclosed by authorities. You can take any database or several of them, come up with an interesting idea how to show or use them, and thus create an interesting product for society.

    Competition nominations:

    • Convenient city - initiatives and projects aimed at improving the living conditions of people in the city, increasing the comfort and suitability of the living environment,
    • Safe country - projects aimed at the benefit of society, and using a diversified approach in addressing the issues of ensuring the safety of citizens and protecting their rights and freedoms,
    • The state is in the pocket - initiatives and projects aimed at developing mobile applications to facilitate citizens' access to important and useful information about the activities of the state in the usual format.

    As well as two nominations of our general sponsors

    Google Nomination:
    Application using Google technologies and services.
    Technology information for developers.

    Yandex nomination:
    Yandex.API Award .
    It is awarded for the best application developed on the basis of open data using the Yandex API.

    Who supports us

    This year we have two general sponsors. This is Yandex and their nomination Yandex.API
    and Google with a nomination for the use of their services.

    And there are a lot of other partners including the Open Government .
    Everything is on the contest website.

    Why is it worth participating?

    Firstly, for the reason that you have nothing to lose, especially if you are already doing or planning a project that uses open data. The peculiarity of our competition is that the prize in it is a prize. Everything that you have developed remains with you. You don’t pass the code to anyone (unless you decide to use it from the very beginning)

    Where are they, open data?

    But there are just a lot of them:
    - - our Hub of open data
    - http: // - this is an aggregator of official data on the website of the administrative reform (Ministry of Economic Development of Russia)
    - data - Moscow open data portal
    - Krasnodar and Zelenograd

    And there are many, many different ones. If you decide to make a project and cannot find any data, write me on ibegtin (dog) or comment here - and I will try to help you.

    Any ideas, but no time / desire to participate?

    Then check out our Ideas section - where you can offer your idea to others and increase the chances that it will be realized.

    Remember - you can participate in many categories. You absolutely do not have to go for just one thing - you can make a mobile application to protect the rights of citizens and using Yandex cards. And go straight to 3 nominations.

    Well, I add in the end. We started this competition in 2011 by trying to convince our officials that there are developers in Russia who are ready to create projects on state data. In response, they heard, at best, that they are not. And in 2011 we announced this contest ourselves - without big budgets, with one nomination without noisy progress, just as it is and with the goal of checking whether it works out. It turned out and thanks to this we spend it from year to year. This year there are more nominations and, we really hope that there will be more projects.

    I invite everyone to participate!

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