There's an app for that: Mobius announcement 2018 Moscow

    Is it true that now for any life situation you can find the appropriate mobile application? Writing the announcement of the mobile development conference, we decided to replace all the subtitles with application icons and see if there are suitable ones. Somewhere it turned out quite accurately, somewhere approximately. If there are more suitable options - report in the comments!

    And if you are not just using mobile applications, but also developing them yourself (even Android, even iOS), then in December we will be glad to see you on Mobius, and here they wrote what to expect:

    Mobius 2018 Moscow
    Date: December 8-9 (weekend).
    Location: Moscow, Radisson Slavyanskaya Hotel (Kievskaya metro station).
    In the program: as usual, reports for mobile developers (both Android and iOS), full of technical specifics.

    What is new from an organizational point of view this time? First, Mobius in Moscow for the first time will be a two-day. This means not only “more reports”, but also, for example, a party at the end of the first day, which allows you to communicate with other participants.

    Secondly, for the first time in Moscow, BoF sessions will be held: after the presentations, “round tables” on pressing topics will be held with the participation of speakers and all interested spectators. This format was tested in the spring in St. Petersburg Mobius, and it became clear that we need to continue.

    It is clear with organizational news, but what speakers and with what topics should we expect? If you have not been to Mobius before and want to create an impression of “what happens there at all”, you can watch the video of last year. And if you were and want to find out “what might be different this time,” the Program Committee has a couple of news for you.

    Firstly, now PC participants are especially interested in “hardcore”. At Mobius, there used to be reports that climb “deeply”, but now they want to do more than the previous time. This does not mean that without years of experience at the conference there will be nothing to do. But if you are tired of just using a set of ready-made tools and you want to understand what is happening from the inside, then the conference will help with this. Of course, you will not, as if by magic, it is better to code or understand at once all the intricacies of the platform. What we really want to do is to give some theoretical basis that allows the viewer to think, to understand the reasons for this or that behavior, to look into the source code of the platform, if necessary.

    Secondly, the spears are so broken around the cross-platform now that the inevitable question is “is it necessary at the conference?” And the PC has the answer. On the one hand, for all questions the cross-platform has its own niche in the industry - so it will be presented at the conference. But on the other hand, it will be represented in proportion to the size of this niche. So, if you are a staunch nativschik, you can sleep well: there will still be more material for you at the conference.

    And what specific people will be and with what topics? So far, we can name nine speakers:

    By Android:

    Royi Benyossef- Manager of ecosystem management in Samsung NEXT TLV, GDE since 2013. As an Android evangelist, spoke at 4YFN / MWC, Google I / O, AppsWorld, DroidCon, CodeMotion, BABBQ. In his report “G (PU) force,” Roy will share his experience in effectively diagnosing and solving problems with GPUs.

    Denis Neklyudov , for many not a long time in need of representation. Co-host “Android Dev Podcast”, the first Russian GDE, a veteran of “Mobius” (and in the past a member of the PC conference) - that's all. We are not yet ready to voice the topic, but in any case, Denis is worth catching when you can see him live, and not just hear in a podcast. Although without a podcast, it probably will not do either: at past Mobius, special issues with the analysis of conference materials were already recorded.

    Dmitry Vasilyev(FunCorp) talk about caching. We hope that after this report for you in Computer Science only one of the two main problems will remain difficult! But more seriously, the report will be devoted both to caching in Android-applications as a whole, and specific implementations.

    Fedor Tsymbal (Mera) will present a look at the Project Treble from those who had to dig in it. This is a story that until recently was the main problem of the Android OS - fragmentation of the ecosystem into different versions. And also about how much all Google had to change in the architecture of Android, in order to solve this problem.

    Finally, Alexander Guzenko( - with a report on how to protect the application. Here it is worth being prepared for a certain level of hardcore: where else among the mass applications are they so deeply involved in security as in banks? At one time in the program Mobius 2015, we got into the topic of security very actively, and later decided that it would be more correct to do this: security reports are needed, but one or two to the conference. So it was spring in Petersburg - and now it will be in Moscow.

    For iOS:

    Andyy Hope (Facebook) is known as both the organizer of Swift conferences, and the author of Medium posts about Swift (and his most popular post is the post“How I was preparing for interviews on Facebook”). He has been working with iOS for eight years now, having traced a lot of changes, and at the conference he will talk about the architecture of applications: what we have come to now in this question, and how can we get off the beaten, beaten track.

    Jesse Squires is also a well-known figure: his JSQMessagesViewController library collected more than 10,000 stars on GitHub, and on Jessi himself, nine thousand people follow Twitter . Now the library has already been destroyed, but the valuable experience gained through it has not disappeared - so, whatever the subject of the report is, Jesse will talk about something.

    Nikolai Lihogrud(Yandex) may be known to you from the report “How to speed up the download of an iOS application” from one of the previous Mobius. He himself is working on Yandex.Maps (a difficult application that is often launched on the street with a lack of time) - it is not surprising that Nikolay understands well the value of every millisecond at launch. If you have not seen this report, then while the topic of the new is being determined, you can watch the video .

    Alexey Savin (VKontakte) will make a review of technologies for live-broadcasts. This report will discuss the organization of interactive events, real-time processing of the video stream and all sorts of pitfalls: dynamic resolution resolution, adaptive bitrate, turns, delays, automatic playback in the tape.

    The conference is not alive in the reports: the ability to communicate with experts from your industry is also important. We have already mentioned the party and BoF sessions, but the matter is not limited to them.

    As those who have already been to Mobius know, an important part of the event is the discussion zones: each speaker after his report goes to such a zone, where he answers questions to those who wish. This allows us to arrange a deep discussion that would not fit into the usual “five minutes to questions,” and ask a question not on the topic of the report.

    For example, the previous time Kotlin creator Andrei Breslav spoke with us (we are sharing video ) - and in such cases there is no doubt that the audience will have many very different questions, so five minutes is not enough for everyone.

    If you are watching the online broadcast, then you cannot be in the discussion area, but you can try asking a question during normal Q & A. To do this, during the report you need to write a question to the speaker in the Telegram-chat conference: he is monitored and voiced.

    Do you have something to share with other developers, so you want to become not just a spectator, but a speaker? In this case, now is the time to apply for a report. Perhaps we scared you away with the words above about “hardcore”, but the main criterion for the success of the report is not “to make everyone's brains boil,” but “for the audience to benefit.” And although not all applications become reports as a result, we are interested in your success, so with shortcomings the Program Committee will give useful feedback on them. In general, if in doubt, contact, and then we'll figure it out.

    What is the Program Committee in general? Are these some special, harsh people who have devoted their whole lives to other people's reports? Well, they are special in the sense that they know much better than a random person about preparing good reports. But first of all, they, like you, are mobile developers themselves (in very different companies, so that on any topic there is someone to whom it is close). On the site you can read about each of them. In general, do not be afraid to contact them with the application.

    In order not to miss the deadline, but to prepare the report qualitatively and without undue stress, here is a diagram of the preparation of the conference program:

    It seems that until the end of receiving applications for another month and a half - but the earlier you submit the report, the deeper you will have time to finalize it to the production state. And thereby increase the chances of getting into the program.

    This time with the ticket prices everything became more cunning, but more attractive. Previously, the price was the same for all. But one and the same amount looks completely different for different customers: that a large company can buy “for delivery” without hesitation, then for a single developer a very substantial amount. Therefore, now for employers and for those who go "on their own", the tickets differ.

    In addition, there is also an additional option to reduce the price: if you have already been to the past Mobius, then you get a 20% discount (check your email, today you will receive a letter with a personal promotional code). But that's not all! If you study at a university or teach, then you are even more discounted - all the details are on the website.

    Thus, we strive to help community members who want to go to Mobius, but cannot do this at the employer's expense. Just want to find a catch - due to what is all this? And if you look closely at the prices, you can see that they have increased for companies.

    With all these ingenious changes, the old principle remains the same: the price of a ticket gradually increases as the conference approaches. It's not like with the beta versions of Android / iOS (the longer you keep from wanting to install on the main device, the better), but vice versa: the faster you act, the more you win.

    So, if you decide, go to the sitefor purchase. And if you need more information about the program - please contact it, but later: it will all gradually appear there. You can also go from the website to the social network that is convenient for you and subscribe to the conference page there, so as not to forget.

    See you in December, when you will be showing off with new Pixel 3 and iPhone XI!

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