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    Our function of making an online call or calling from a site (as you like) works fine on the desktop in any browser, either using Adobe Flash, or using WebRTC (so far only in Google Chrome), but it is not available on mobile devices, since neither One of the technologies listed so far (in the case of Flash - already) on popular mobile platforms (iOS, Android) is not. The number of requests to the widget from mobile devices was growing steadily, and we realized that it was time to somehow solve this problem. There were no special options - it was necessary to make a free application that would provide the necessary functionality.
    We have done a mobile SDK for iOS that works with our platform for a long time, for example, it has been used quite successfully in the mobile application of S7 airline, so you only had to come up with a design and combine it with the SDK. We tried to bring UX as close as possible to the usual for the owner of the i-device, how we succeeded or failed to judge in the end the end users.


    The main problem in developing designs for mobile devices is the presence of several form factors (phone, tablet), as well as different types of screens, for iOS these are non-retina, retina and retina iPhone 5 (as you know, 5ka is slightly longer than its predecessors), For complete happiness, you still need to take care of 2 types of tablet location (horizontal / vertical). As a result, drawing alone takes quite a considerable amount of time.

    A few screenshots of the first version of the interface (it didn’t go into production as a result):

    Mobile channel

    As you know, mobile devices are not always connected to WiFi, so you need to provide for the possibility of normal operation with 3G, which is not so difficult if 3G is honest. In our latitudes, unfortunately, this is not always the case, let's hope that the transition to LTE / 4G will change something for the better in the future. In general, we tried to use the channel as little as possible, in the future we will add support for the Opus codec, which, according to the creators, is well adapted for working in mobile networks.

    Company Directory

    For ease of use, we have made in the application a catalog of companies - our customers, whom you can call directly from the application (it is not necessary to open their website). Since the catalog contains only the largest customers, we have provided the ability to add the companies you called through the application to Favorites. In the future we plan to actively develop the catalog, especially for the US market, since we have a good partner there.

    Screenshots of the version that went production:

    Android plans

    Judging by the fact that Google Chrome beta on Android already has WebRTC support, we most likely will not be releasing a separate application for Android. Our feature already works great on Android using WebRTC, you just have to wait for WebRTC to get into the Chrome production release.

    PS Have a nice May holidays! We will be grateful for bug reports if you find any problems in the application.

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