Windows Azure Upgrade: Widespread availability of virtual machines and networks, SLA, memory expansion, price reduction


    Yesterday, a big and very important announcement took place for the entire Windows Azure platform. The General Availability of the IaaS platform was announced: virtual machines and virtual networks in the Windows Azure cloud. Wide availability status for the cloud service means the provision of SLA (Service Level Agreements), guarantees and support from Microsoft.

    Among other things, along with the announcement, two new virtual machines are introduced in Windows Azure with memory sizes of 28 GB (4 cores) and 56 GB (8 cores). New types of virtual machines with increased memory are designed for projects and solutions that require a large amount of memory.

    Along with the announcement of the wide availability of the IaaS platform in Windows Azure, we offer new images of SQL Server, BizTalk Server and SharePoint with licensing of the corresponding servers (including the long-awaited licensing of SQL Server). Different server versions are available, for example, from Web Edition to Enterprise for SQL Server.

    We have tested even more of our own products for working on the IaaS platform and are ready to guarantee the work and provide support for the deployment scenarios of server solutions in the Windows Azure cloud. A detailed list of Microsoft products that support cloud deployment can be found here .

    Developers and IT professionals using Linux for their projects are offered official images of openSUSE, SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 11 SP2 with support from SUSE, Ubuntu 12.04 and 12.10 from Canonical, CentOS 6.3 from OpenLogic. In addition, through the VMDepot community , more than 200 ready-to-deploy pre-configured Linux virtual machine images with dozens of different tools are already available: Ruby, Django, Solr, Jenkins, Jetty, Nginx and many others.

    And finally, we lower prices for IaaS and PaaS by 21% and 33%! Together with this price reduction, we commit ourselvesBefore the existing 200,000 and all future Windows Azure customers, meet Amazon Web Services pricing for computing power, storage, and channels.

    You can try out new features and capabilities right now with the free 90-day trial . Primary information about working with virtual machines in Russian can be found on our portal . Support for a friendly community of Windows Azure users is located on Facebook .

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    About all the announcements and even more about the innovations on the link in the blog of Scott Guthrie . We encourage you to try new opportunities and share your experience with us. Tell us what you think in the group of Russian-speaking Windows Azure users on Facebook .

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