Announcement of Heisenbug 2018 Moscow: all the answers

    Is it true that testers are people who question everything? Will they like the text with so many questions? Is it worth it to announce a testing conference? Will the form not distract from the fact that Heisenbug will be held in Moscow on December 6-7? Have we broken the brain of our readers now?

    For whom this conference - for testers or developers? What speakers will be this time? How has pricing changed? Why it is impossible to learn all this, without getting under kat?

    I have not been to Heisenbug before, what is the event in general?

    First, this is a testing conference, but not only for testers. We want developers and testers to understand each other and work together. Therefore, we are doing a program so that both could benefit. In this case, we are interested in a variety of testing types, from mobile to load.

    Secondly, we are for technical specifics - so the reports on Heisenbug are not about team management or customer relations, but technologies.

    Thirdly, we are for deep reports, and we have a prepared audience: many participants in the profession are not the first year. This does not mean that without five years of experience you will not understand anything. But to explain the basics of the profession in the reports will not (but to explain the basics of a specific technology, which not everyone faced, they can).

    I have already been to Heisenbug, what should I expect on the new one?

    If you have not been in the spring in St. Petersburg, then you will be new to the BoF session. These are “round tables”, where speakers and spectators gather to discuss a specific vital topic (hence the name referring to the saying “birds of a feather flock together”). Having held such sessions for the first time in St. Petersburg, we realized that it turned out cheerfully, and Moscow needs that too. It looks like this:

    And, of course, all the reports will be new. Now the program is in the process of formation, but we can already name individual names of speakers:

    Alexey Barantsev . We often have experienced speakers, but his track record is particularly impressive: he has been working in testing since 1994 (having changed a number of roles), is one of the developers of Selenium WebDriver and the author of the site , supports and develops .

    The topic of the report has not yet been determined, but it will not be surprising if it turns out to be connected with Selenium. And in any case, if you have questions related to Selenium WebDriver to Alexey, you can ask them at the conference.

    Vitaly Friedman. But this is a completely different story. Vitali is well known, but not in testing, but in the world of web design and web development: he founded the main site for this topic, Smashing Magazine . But when he talked about possible UX errors in the interface components in the spring in St. Petersburg Heisenbug, it turned out that here he was listened to with delight.

    We listened to feedback and called Vitaly again. And while he is preparing a new report, you can estimate the previous one: in fact we have not yet published a video Heisenbug Piter in 2018, but this share .

    Rhian lewis. Blockchain is definitely one of the most high-end themes of recent times. In fact, very few people understand it well enough. Yes, there are testnets (blockchains that mimic the real functionality of the platform, but have no real value), but what if all this changes almost every week? Not only environments, but also management mechanisms and even languages ​​themselves? If you follow the news, you know about high-profile cases where millions of dollars were stolen or blocked forever. The price of a testing engineer error is incredibly high. Rhian Lewis, an excellent technical consultant on software testing and blockchain, will assist us in studying the issue. She has a good economic background and is the director of Salvia Media Services.

    Lilia Abdulina(JetBrains) is engaged in QA in the Kotlin Tooling team - and such a unique experience immediately arouses interest. How to test programming language support in the IDE? What is the impact on the work that JetBrains open tracker, where can anyone write? So find out.

    Antonina Hisametdinova . Viewers of last year’s Heisenbug may well remember her talk “How to inform the user if 'oops, something went wrong’ ’’ ”which brought excellent reviews. And now Antonina is returning with a new report, “Tester Voyeurism, or How User Observation Will Help You.” Often there is a big difference between “how the use of the service was conceived” and “how real people use it in practice in different situations” - and in order to detect all the mistakes, you need to understand not only the first, but also the second.

    And why should I pay for the conference hike, when you can watch YouTube reports for free and gain a good sense of mind?

    Reports from Heisenbug fall on YouTube with a delay, but it's not just that. For example, discussion zones are an important part of the conference: after each speaker, each speaker is sent to a special zone, where he can be tormented by questions. Crowds line up around some of the speakers, and discussions sometimes turn out to be very lively, and no YouTube will replace the opportunity to participate in this.

    And communication at the conference is not limited to discussion areas: these are the same BoF sessions, and a party at the end of the second day, and coffee breaks. We are going to a variety of experts, so that you can at least find "comrades in misfortune," at least learn something new for yourself from people from adjacent areas.

    Discussion area

    To be or not to be?

    I can not only listen about testing, I have something to tell myself. Which button to press?

    We have until September 24, open reception of reports . Send an application, we will consider it with interest! And it is better not to delay this: the initial idea may need further work, and the sooner the application arrives, the more time there will be for a quiet work.

    And what if I do not understand, is there anything to tell me? I think I know something, but how to understand whether it is suitable for the conference?

    First, on the application submission page there is a list of areas of interest to us. Secondly, there is a simple criterion “will it be useful to hear for other specialists?” And thirdly, the attempt is not torture: send a request, and then we'll figure it out.

    To think over the topic and how to make an application, you already have to spend time. What if I lose up and you refuse?

    On the one hand, not all applications get into the program, so you can really spend your time and not become a speaker. But on the other hand, this does not mean that time will be wasted. You will receive a feedback from the Program Committee about what you lacked, and if you wish, you can approach the next Heisenbug (or another conference) with more knowledge. In general, it is worth considering the submission of an application as “testing an idea”: getting feedback from experienced people is valuable in itself.

    Who are the judges? Who depends, what reports will get to the conference?

    There are nine people on the Program Committee. They work in completely different companies, and each has its own background, one way or another connected with testing - so that they can competently consider a variety of applications:

    • Nikita Makarov, Classmates (Twitter: @papaminos )
    • Andrei Satarin, Amazon Web Services (Twitter: @asatarin )
    • Vladimir Sitnikov, NetCracker (Twitter: @vladimirsitnikv )
    • Vsevolod Brekelov, Grid Dynamics (Twitter: @brekelov )
    • Tatyana Eliseeva, Lanit-Terkom
    • Maxim Shulga, SEMrush (Twitter: @ maxbeard12 )
    • Michael Chumakov, TechOps
    • Mikhail Druzhinin, DataArt (Twitter: @xomyakus )
    • Abner Voronov, EPAM

    Nikita Makarov

    Where, what, how much?

    The essence is understood, now remind, is it where?

    When: December 6-7 (this is Thursday and Friday). Where: Moscow, the hotel “Slavyanskaya Raddison” (Kievskaya metro station).

    And if I can’t get to Moscow, then for me all this is irrelevant, right?

    Not so: there will be a paid online broadcast, so you still have the opportunity to see any report live (and quickly get all the video). Broadcast viewers can even write questions to speakers at the conference chat.

    But what they are deprived of is the discussion zones and BoF sessions: this does not get into the broadcast. There is also no traditional party after the first day, where you can not only have a good time, but also communicate informally with other participants, speakers and guys from the Program Committee.

    Well, how much does a ticket cost?

    The answer depends on several things at once. First, as before, from the moment of purchase: as the conference approaches, the tickets gradually become more expensive, so the earlier you buy, the cheaper.

    And secondly, we have now introduced a set of new rules. Now the price of a ticket is different for companies that pay for participation to their employees, and for those who pay for the conference from their own pockets. The point is to make things a little easier for the second: that for a large company is just a reasonable investment in your employee, then for a “single person” there is a very significant amount. And also added a discount for those who have already been to Heisenbug before, and even a larger one - for students / teachers.

    In general, to accurately understand how much the ticket costs specifically for you and specifically at the moment, please contactto the site . And if you decide what to take, then buy it there too.

    I still do not understand whether to go, what should I do?

    You can enter the conference website later: new descriptions of reports will gradually appear there. And in order not to forget about it, you can subscribe to conference accounts in social networks ( FB , VK , Twitter , Telegram ).

    I bought a ticket, now what?

    If you want to follow its news while waiting for the conference, also subscribe to its accounts in social networks. And if you are a real tester, from whom nothing escapes, so far you can try to find on the conference website a not quite decent phrase. We will wait for you in Moscow on December 6-7!

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