Third conference for Scala developers in St. Petersburg

    On April 11, at 19:00, the third conference for Scala developers, ScalaDev # 3 , will be held at the PetroCongress Center .
    The organizers are e-Legion and JetBrains . In a programme:


    • Ilya Klyuchnikov (Huawei Research), “Introduction to lightweight modular staging and scala virtualized”
    • Pavel Fatin (JetBrains), “Compilation support in Scala Plugin using Zinc”
    • Dmitry Medvinsky (e-Legion), “On Type Variation”
    • Alexey Zlobin (GridGain), “Easy distributed programming with Scala and GridGain”
    • Rafael Bagmanov (Grid Dynamics), Scala in a wild enterprise
    • Dmitry Naydanov (JetBrains), "Play 2.0 in IntelliJ IDEA"

    Free admission. It is only necessary to register .

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