The Ministry of Communications has prepared requirements for SORM equipment for Internet providers

    I think, on Habré practically everyone knows what SORM is. If not, then here is the transcript of this brief abbreviation: "The system of technical means to ensure the functions of operational search measures." A little more information can be found here . So, until now there were no official requirements for equipment for SORM in relation to Internet providers. Earlier, several years ago, requirements were introduced for equipment for conducting SORM with respect to telephone and radiotelephone communication operators. The other day, requirements were formulated for equipment for Internet providers.

    These requirements are collected in part III of the Order, so far this part is a project. As for parts I and II, they, as mentioned above, left the stage of the project several years ago.

    This project specifies the requirements for hardware and software, the requirements that are needed to conduct SORM. Among other things, this project also contains a list of Internet services that are subject to control by SORM. These services include well-known;;;;, ICQ and some other services.

    If the draft order is accepted, it should come into force (which means that providers will be required to install or upgrade the appropriate hardware and software) by July 1, 2014.

    What problems can a provider have that does not perform the necessary actions? Here is a quote:

    “Failure to comply with this requirement may result in the imposition of an administrative penalty on the telecom operator for non-compliance with the licensing conditions on the basis of Art. 14.1. Administrative Code of the Russian Federation, since one of the licensing conditions of most communication licenses is the implementation of requirements for communication networks and means during operational-search measures. Failure to comply with these requirements may also result in a decision by the licensing authority - Roskomnadzor - to suspend the license issued to the operator, as well as to revoke this license. ”

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