New version of Yandex.Navigator: Expanded coverage of 3D map mode

    Today a new version of the popular Yandex.Navigator application has become available, the main change is a small redesign and update of the 3D road map of Russia .
    Now your country house is also in 3D

    Yandex.Navigator - this is one of the best applications that turns a phone or tablet into a full-fledged navigator that knows about cameras and road accidents, and even knows how to speak Russian and understands voice commands.

    Official Changes in the new version:
    - updated road map of Russia;
    - Improved application design;
    - Improved display of traffic jams on a viewing scale;
    - improved accounting for traffic jams and maneuvers when building a route;
    - bug fixes

    Please note that the current version of the map of Moscow and Moscow Oblast is January 2013, I think that you do not need to download the map to get the latest data, the application does not offer this, but just in case - you can download ~ 250MB is not such a big figure.
    (~ 250MB - the weight of the map of Moscow and Moscow Region)

    At the same time, the size of this map changed downward; earlier the size of the map of Moscow and Moscow Region was ~ 261MB

    And most interestingly, Yandex decided to expand support for the 3D map, a random one was chosen for the test a village near the town of Sergiev-Posad, and in it, country houses are drawn in 3D (!).

    No, this is certainly not Google Street View or Apple’s 3D map mode, but to hell with such a pace of development, I think Yandex will soon introduce something similar.

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