Windows Embedded Day 2013. April 18th. Moscow. Info space

    Date: April 18, 2013
    Venue: Moscow, Infospace, 1st Zachatievsky Lane, 4
    Organizer: Quarta Technology
    Price: free
    More information:

    This is the 6th annual conference, main topic which is the production of modern intelligent devices and solutions used in various industries, such as industrial automation, services, retail, banking, medicine, training, the entertainment industry, advertising, etc.

    This year, several new products will be launched at once: Windows Embedded 8 Standard , Windows Embedded 8 Professional , Windows Embedded 8 Industry , Windows Embedded Compact 2013 . Most of the reports will be about these systems. At the same time, embedded server solutions will not be ignored: Windows Embedded Server 2012 , Windows Storage Server 2012 .

    Just a device with an operating system can be of little use to anyone. Most of the value to devices is added by applications that run on them, so attention will also be paid to the development of modern applications.

    Speakers from Microsoft's European EmbeddedThey will talk about how Microsoft sees the future of embedded technologies and what business prospects open up for developers taking into account the main market trends that can no longer be ignored.

    Intel will talk about new products for the Embedded market that reflect current trends and introduce its roadmap.

    Advantech (Taiwan) will talk about reliable and secure embedded computers successfully used in projects of Russian companies in the field of industrial automation.

    ARM-based solutions will be presented by TI .

    There will also be reports on the development of interfaces, applications, protection of Emebdded devices, licensing, training opportunities, real-time scenarios.

    Russian partners will share their experience in using Windows Embedded to create smart devices with rich functionality in a short time.

    Traditionally, the conference will host an exhibition of devices from Russian manufacturers, as well as components for creating embedded solutions. Developers, system integrators, manufacturers will show the latest innovations and developments in the field of embedded devices: thin clients, industrial computers, kiosks, terminals, Digital Signage systems, medical equipment and much more.

    Participation in the conference is free. Registration on the site:

    By the way, the official conference application is available for Windows

    And some interesting devices on the Windows Embedded platform

    Human simulator based on the CompactRIO series controller with the operating system installed Windows XP Embedded and Kinect for Windows. National Instruments Company.

    Multifunctional interactive display Flipbox based on Windows Embedded POSReady 7. The solution is a single device for small and medium business meeting rooms, which allows you to solve absolutely all the tasks that are in the meeting room, without any additional equipment. The company "Polymedia".

    The hardware-software complex “TouchInfo: Electronic School” is a solution designed for schools, lyceums, houses of creativity, children's development centers. The complex allows us to solve not only utilitarian tasks, but also to establish interactive contacts between students, parents, and teachers. Windows 7 for Embedded systems operating system. Sensor Systems Company

    UPD: In the comments they reminded me. In fact, you encounter devices on Windows Embedded every day - almost all payment terminals are made specifically on Windows Embedded.

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