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    I must say right away that I have nothing to do with the Russian Post. More precisely, I have, but as a regular customer. I have an online store and personally, once or twice a week, I turn my office into a branch of hell on earth , privately unloading into her womb a couple of dozen parcels for the past 4 years. Epicly laying the mail box with my boxes like brickwork :) And therefore, I have a number of observations and some statistics for the last four years.

    Of course, I understand that 99% of the indignation falls on the share of Internet shoppers waiting for a parcel from any ebay-China, and there really are problems there. But my goal is not to give the unfortunate mail another kick, but still say something positive. Give a couple of tips on the proper handling of mail and light a dim LED at the end of the tunnel. Therefore, I will only talk about the passage of departures within the country and from Russia to the wild lands :) And we will talk, for the most part, about the so-called “First Class”. Because I mainly use it.


    Starting my own business, I was afraid that there would be hell and a nightmare and departures would go nowhere and that I would have to reimburse my customers for losses and incurred wild expenses by re-sending them, and I had several thousand parcels. In reality, everything turned out to be much more sane. During these 4 years, we have sent several thousand parcels of which 10% are foreign.

    So, for all the time:

    • Irreversibly lost - 2 (TWO pieces). And one was stolen and an empty box arrived with a huge hole in its side and the rest of the packaging inside, without an attachment. Why did some thief-gopnik need my demo payment and what he was going to do with it I would really like to know. Really decided to change qualifications? ;)
    • They returned back without waiting for delivery - 3. Apparently the recipient was waiting for the notice, but he was not brought.
    • Parcel considered to be lost (i.e., having gone more than two months and requiring a re-shipment of the goods), but then reached - 2
    • Were mortally damaged, which required a warranty replacement - 1
    • Minor reversible damage, which required reinforcement of the package that solved this problem - 10 ... 15.
    • International parcels (Russia -> ***) lost - 0
    • International parcels considered lost, but then reached - 1

    Those. for 4 years, the number of problems that brought me hemorrhoids and financial problems can be counted on the fingers.

    Logistics and deadlines
    Surprisingly, the Russian Post is doing well with delivery times within the country. At least from branch to branch, mail takes an average of 5-12 days. These are measurements on the tracks and messages of customers from Kaliningrad to Vladivostok, cities with millionaires and small villages that can not be found on the regional map.
    There were practically no problems with foreign clients either. Once the drug control of Moldova got to the bottom of the stained documentation for my demo payment (who received the one in the know :))) I won’t tell the others, I won’t break it off), but the parcel came to Israel like it was playing football. Even in Syria normally drove (even before Assad began to wet). In general, it is possible to send abroad from Russia relatively without tension.

    Branches of hell
    Where is hell? And hell in the branches. Mail can fly all sortings and intermediate points with a bullet and get stuck in the office for many weeks. Especially if it is a large branch of a relatively large city. There are not enough people, the processing of parcels requires a huge number of operations, technology of the century before last and no automation. Therefore, if you live in a large city and are waiting for a package, then your hope of waiting for a notification or change in tracking tends to zero. But you can come to the department in person and request a parcel and with a probability of 70% they will find it. Tested on numerous customers.
    They write to me in a panic that there is no notification, the tracking was lost immediately after Chelyabinsk. I reassure and recommend going to the post office and asking - it helps almost always.

    Well, if you live in a small town, then most likely there are no problems with your department at all. For example, last year, in Kurgan, I traveled around 30 branches, bought up mail boxes (they are half the price there than in Chelyabinsk) - there was NO queue in ANY department. There was a funny joke there - in one ordinary khrushchek, from different ends there were two different post offices.

    Useful tips
    When receiving a parcel from Russia do not wait for a notification or tracking update, but after 10-12 days of waiting, stomp to the department and ask for your parcel. Most likely she will already be in the department.

    VERY IMPORTANT MOMENT! You need to ask for a SPECIFIC TYPE of departure. Those. if you received a parcel, and you ask for a package, then they will tell you with a poker interface that you have no package. Apparently they have some kind of occupational deformation, otherwise it can’t be explained. Yes, and pieces of paper for different types of items are in different places with them. So be sure to ask the sender exactly what type of shipment your investment was sent and ask for it. Often the type is written in tracking. Be sure to also indicate the class of departure. If it came first class, then just ask otherwise they might not find it. Because of the hillock, if the departure is less than 2 kg, then this is most likely a small package. They have no special incentive to dig the entire compartment thoroughly. So direct them immediately towards the right shelf.

    If the parcel did not arrive, then do not slow down and immediately roll the wanted applications from both sides. Speeds up lost parcel, verified. After some time, an unsubscribe will come, saying that your shipment was handed to the recipient, which you are brewing here.

    It is better to send small pieces weighing up to 2 kg with a first-class parcel. The price difference between the parcel is minimal, you can send commodity investments (with a simple parcel once or twice) and it goes very vigorously. And most importantly, you just need to fill in the inscription on the box and everything that greatly speeds up the sending process.
    Fill in all forms and notices in advance. The brakes are terribly furious, starting to frantically fill out forms already stuck in the window, before which they were stupid in their smartphones in line.

    Any box can serve as a package, if only it were without any marking at all and in proportions and dimensions resembled standard postal boxes. Well, it was as strong as a safe. They will be unlocked, you can poke them into the rules for processing mail. There is not a word that the box should be exclusively branded. If you send a lot, then buy boxes from a third-party supplier, there are a lot of them. It will cost 3-4 times cheaper.

    Glue the address labels tightly on the boxes, the entire area. Well proven PVA or Moment. But self-adhesive often lags behind cardboard during its deformation.

    When sending a parcel abroad, figure out the way. If you can get there by land, there is practically no difference in terms between delivery of air or ground, but air will be more expensive than one and a half times. But if the parcel travels somewhere to the USA or Australia, which cannot be reached by train, then send only by airmail, as otherwise, you will run into a sea container ship, which will take your package for two months.

    Feel free to roll complaints. To client@russianpost.ru They respond to them very quickly. So, for example, after the first call in the hall of department 454080, air conditioners were connected that were installed, but not powered, and hung for half a year just like that. And after another couple of applications, the electronic queue started and the chairs were returned to the waiting room. Then, of course, funny replies from the postal administration came again, but the result was achieved. (The same applies, by the way, to any state office. Of course, you will receive a rotten reply, but the office itself will begin to grunt hard from above. My mother once punished the local clinic so anally that now, when she sees the head doctor, a nervous tick begins . But it was business in the Internet reception to Madame Arbidol to roll up a statement.)

    The mail can be greatly saved by thorough processing of the mail processing technology in the office. It’s not even about introducing all kinds of technology. And in standardizing the process, reducing unnecessary operations and procedures and working out the ergonomics of all this. I somehow calculated that the operator needs to complete 15 operations to send a regular package, of which half can be safely thrown out. At the same time, she is still rushing around with a parcel from table to table. At the same time, to send a first-class parcel of the same size and weight, the operator does 5 operations less, which can also be greatly reduced. The same applies to receiving payments, issuing parcels / pensions and a bunch of everything else that happens in the mail.

    If anyone has an online store, then share your observations in the comments about mail circulation within the country.

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