GitLab 5.0 Release

    Yesterday, that is, March 22, the release of version 5 of GitLab was released. GitLab is a great analogue to such products as GitHub, Bitbucket. However, it is installed on your personal server and is completely controlled by you. This is a great solution for software companies, web studios or just for those who want to have their own git repository.

    What's new in version 5.0? For details, I ask for Cat


    • import repositories

    • wiki pages are now stored in the git repository using the gollum library
    • Added the ability to publish additional descriptions of groups, teams and projects
    • added the ability to integrate with external error tracking systems

    Dependency Changes:

    • Gitolite replaced by gitlab-shell. Gitolite was used to distribute access rights to repositories, the change allows you to use a separate database of virtual users with access to repositories by SSH key without creating a system account.

    Security Changes:

    • use of secure links for attachments;
    • Update required libraries;
    • improved protection against XSS attacks.

    Well, a few screenshots in the end:

    update from version 4.2
    new installation

    demo version

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