Pochtovy blanc. Rf - focus on your favorite business, and we will solve the problems with the Russian post!

    Hello friends!

    Recently, we needed to send about 25 items by Russian post at a time. We sincerely wanted to reduce the time spent in the mail, but we did not find any option to automate the filling and payment of forms online.

    Having implemented basic functionality on the knee, we shared it with the closest people. Having quickly received feedback and a “golden post” in a nonexistent blog, they finished off their personal account with templates and implemented the API.

    In the end, the project so quickly got on the top for basic needs and began to grow, that a month later we presented it in the office of the Deputy Director for IT Russian Post , and later we received advice from Peter Didenko himself!

    Below I will gladly tell you a few secrets: what is the postal form.It represents what we started making money on, what difficulties we encountered and where we are going to come in the end.

    At the moment, pbrf.ru is the easiest and most convenient way to fill out the postal forms of Russian Post online. Upon the fact of an agreement with postal operators, we will connect the option of paying for items online.

    Since the start of the project, more than 100 users have registered.
    Over 3 months, 3400+ forms were printed , with the main growth taking place in the last month.
    As usual, 80% of printouts are made by 20% of the forms.

    About tariffs
    We left the opportunity for everyone to fill out and print the forms completely free of charge .
    The main income channel is online stores that are Russian post customers. They should devote more time to their beloved business, and not to bureaucratic issues in the form of the correctness of the data entered and the choice of the necessary forms. From now on, this is not their problem.

    With pleasure we are ready to provide an account with all the features for free for the right amount of time to all habruzers. It is enough just to drop my login in PM, and the required tariff will be connected within 24 hours.

    Currently implemented module for Simpla CMS. In the spring we’ll add at least Bitrix, ECWID, Drupal.

    The data in the fields, of course, are automatically inserted immediately after the payment status changes to “Paid”.

    RF domain and pass in the TOP.
    I’ll share a little secret for everyone who still hasn’t bought the RF domain for their projects. If you have the opportunity, be sure to buy one with the target high-frequency occurrence of your request. If there are several requests, buy several domains. Thanks to our RF domain, we got into the top without any problems in just a month.

    Our ideal is to obtain a license from the Russian Post and enable everyone to pay for shipments online. Now it is impossible to do this for many reasons that are not subject to publicity. But everyone is trying and making every effort to implement the plan, believe me).

    How do we improve the PBRF?
    • What to choose - chronopay, assistant or robocash desk?
    • How can we find and connect all stores working with Russian post?
    • Should I introduce a tariff with payment for printouts of each form?

    We would like to receive answers to these questions from you. Feel free to write our cons objectively. We will do our best to improve ourselves and the project. A low bow to everyone who paid attention to this post. We sincerely hope for your bright support!

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