Design HTC One

    Last week we introduced you to our new flagship HTC One. HTC One is strong not only in technical terms, but also has a unique design, the creation of which took more than a year and required the efforts of the best specialists of the company.

    In this article, we will reveal interesting aspects of creating a smartphone, as well as ideas put forward by HTC professionals, thanks to which the smartphone appeared before you in the very form that we all admire now.

    “Beauty is born in the collaboration of designers and engineers”

    Being the first is always difficult, and creating something truly innovative and unique in the market is doubly difficult. Designers and designers had to solve a number of non-trivial problems. For example, how to make the antenna work inside a metal case? How to create a metal case without a single seam? And finally, how to create an all-metal body from a single piece of aluminum?

    In the video below, HTC industrial designers talk about the process of creating a smartphone:

    Daniel Hundt , Creative Director:
    The main concept was to create a design without a single gap, without moving parts and the transition between the parts, a one-piece housing that is nice to hold in your hand.

    Jethro Liou, senior director of industrial design, reveals the technical aspects of working on HTC One and talks on a video about a number of stages of creating a casing: electrochemical metal etching, using a special cutter to create grooves on the casing, and other work details. His words are accompanied by visual frames of these processes.

    Daniel explains:
    Beauty is born in the joint work of designers and engineers, when they take risks, help and push each other to find the best solution, try to create something truly innovative.

    And below you can take a closer look at the process of creating an all-metal casing of the HTC One smartphone.

    “A headless success indicator - a design that people like”

    And some more material for the curious - preliminary smartphone sketches made by the HTC design team. Even in such sketchy images, common features and the idea of ​​the authors are guessed.

    HTC Executive Design Director Thomas Chien (Thomas Chien) shares his impressions:
    Although many determine the thickness of a smartphone by its physical dimensions, we at HTC determine it by how it feels in the hand. When I hold HTC One in my hand, I constantly think, “We did it!”. We created a telephone that, thanks to its narrowed edges, retains a sense of delicate subtlety. And it is completely metal. By the way, we are the first company in the world that has successfully created a smartphone with an all-metal body.

    Thomas Chien :
    We designers love to solve difficult tasks. We can transfer our ideas to paper or draw on a computer, but until we sit down and discuss with our fellow engineers and designers how to realize all this, these ideas will never be realized.

    Thomas Chien :
    The headless success indicator for me is that we created a design that people like. When you hold this smartphone in your hand you feel its amazing design and beauty.

    What do you think about the design of the new HTC smartphone?

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