Mobile solitaire, or how to have high-speed GPRS / 3G Internet at a rate of not more than 10 rubles per 1 Gigabyte without a monthly fee in the conditions of the Russian outback

    Mobile Solitaire
    After reading the topic (in which the question MBs of Internet payment) I was in a strong loss, and until the last moment tried to find at least one comment from an adequate solution. And therefore, I decided to share my thoughts on this issue.

    Megabyte payment, this is the last century!

    The fact is that for a long time operators have been offering solutions that provide fast and inexpensive mobile Internet, moreover, for modern 4G networks, producing not megabyte, but, more important for modern conditions, pogigabyte tariffication of traffic at intervals, tariffing of 2 gigabytes, without subscription fee, with the ability to use high-speed Internet, while spending only 10 rubles per month, and, even, even cooler - the possibility of completely free use of the Internet.

    Formulation of the problem:

    As an advanced user of GSM cellular networks,
    I would like to have available mobile GPRS / EDGE / 3G / 4G-Internet:
    - without speed limit regardless of the amount of traffic;
    - without a mandatory monthly subscription fee for communication services;
    - with tariffication according to the total volume of consumed traffic;
    - with a cost of 1 gigabyte of traffic no more than 10 rubles;
    - with a daily period of debiting funds in accordance with the calculation;
    - with non-tariffed volume of traffic up to 50 megabytes per day;
    - with guaranteed protection against "accidental" leaving-in-minus due to overspending;
    - with the possibility of linear speed scaling upwards.

    Seems incredible?

    Nevertheless, for subscribers of the Central region of the Russian Federation, such a task is completely solvable!
    In this topic, I will try to dispel doubts about this, and propose to solve a simple problem associated with saving on the cost of paying for the Internet.

    I don’t understand how it is possible for one operator to have such a spread in tariffs for the same 3G Internet with a difference of three orders of magnitude! (however, I also don’t understand how in this situation it is possible to take more than 1 kopek for 1 SMS message).


    In this topic there will be a lot of undisguised advertising of two well-known opsos, therefore, even if, suddenly, for some people this topic is useless, I ask you to be a little more lenient to me, because for some people my topic will be of great service and will help at least slightly reduce Internet costs. At least, I hope that someone, thanks to my article, will change their ideas about the real value of the Internet without a monthly fee.

    Layfak mobile Internet

    It so happened historically that I always went to the Internet through a cell phone, connecting it as a modem to my computer.
    There were times when mobile operators to provide Internet access required, in addition to actually paying for traffic (with appropriate rounding), a subscription fee, as well as connecting / disconnecting GPRS services was paid.
    Nevertheless, the possibility of being connected to the Network for 20 hours yielded undeniable benefits compared to dial-up access.
    Oh, what were the times ... The
    question of saving money then was the most acute.
    I had to use disabling scripts, graphics, traffic compression, and even artificially UNDERSTAND the modem speed (I usually set 9600 bps).
    At the same time, I constantly had to monitor the traffic counter (sent / received) out of the corner of my eye and, sometimes, it even happened when I inadvertently clicked on a link when a large file suddenly started to load, I had to pull out the USB cord from the phone (just to prevent exceeding traffic).

    Freebie sir!

    - Dad, eh, does free mobile Internet happen?
    - No, son. It is fantastic!

    How much does a completely free internet cost?

    So, for example, we have 1000 rubles.


    to get free Internet, well, and preferably, more, faster, and so that it’s longer enough (and at the same time manage to keep the whole amount safe and sound without spending your money on communication services).

    MegaFON allows all its subscribers to use the mobile Internet for free **
    (information is valid for the Central Region until January 31, 2014,
    unless, of course, MegaFON suddenly changes its mind and does not cancel this freebie)
    Details on the toll free number 0330
    (Please do not call this number if you are not in the Vladimir region, according to the commentary on my topic, they can withdraw money in the amount of 30 rubles, although I myself called back there again - everything works - they talk about the service and the rules for connecting it. Here is the old link and the new link on the official site).
    That is, by depositing up to 1100 rubles on your own balance in the MegaFON network, you have the opportunity to use mobile Internet for up to 320 days.
    In this situation, it is possible to get 16 Gigabytes of mobile traffic completely free of charge without speed limits (and also, for especially greedy subscribers, at least as much, but at a speed close to zero).
    ** (By the way, for some subscribers, getting one freebie month will not require any money at all, and it will come down to sending only one free USSD request to * 0330 # , and all subsequent payments will be sent only for prolongation of the Freebie for another month)
    In this case, the entire amount deposited will not be spent at all, and can be spent by the subscriber for any other purpose.

    MegaFON makes it possible to pay for purchases in online stores at the expense of personal account funds for any amount within the balance * *
    (the service is available for individuals with an advance payment system)
    The commission is 1.5% of the payment amount
    Connecting the service via USSD * 455 * 1 # (free).

    In Beeline, however, having paid the same 1000 rubles to your balance, you can get only 60 days of free Internet, but only 4 Gigabytes will be at high speed (at the same time, slowly pumping the same amount more will fail, and spend the money 1000 rubles for something else other than communication services will be a little more problematic).

    As part of the “Free Internet Month” Promotion, after making the first payment of at least 400 rubles to your account, Beeline gives you the opportunity to use the Internet without a monthly fee for 30 days *
    (The terms of the Promotion apply to subscribers of the “Internet for Tablet” tariff plan and Options "Unlimited for the tablet").

    Potsony, atas!

    But what to do if you need not free Internet, but paid, but very cheap, so that the speed does not depend on the volume?

    In Beeline, the world's cheapest mobile 3G Internet without speed limit *
    (information is valid for the Central region at least until March 25, 2013, provided that Beeline employees do not read the Habr and do not cover this freebie after reading my topic)

    That is, in Beeline, with the skillful use of the “Unlimited for tablet” option, it is possible to pump 60 gigabytes of high-speed mobile traffic per month for 300 rubles per month.
    Connect option:

    Last year and the year before last, for 150 rubles a month on the Easy tariff plan with the Carefree Internet option enabled , it was possible to download 30 gigabytes per month at high speeds, but last fall they covered this freebie, though still leaving the opportunity use the Internet at the same rates, in terms of Gigabytes (but with the imposition of twice as much volume of high-speed traffic consumption, that is, with daily use of the Internet, monthly expenses will increase from 150 to 300 rubles, thereby approaching the usual “unlimited” at a cost).

    So, summarizing the information presented above, you can get such a tasty solution:

    From March 16, 2013 to May 7, 2014
    Get 850 Gigabytes of traffic for 4200 rubles.

    To do this, you need to invest 3300 rubles from March 16, 2013 to April 15,
    and then, from May 15 to December 31, invest the remaining 900 rubles.

    In other words, in the end we have:

    418 days for 2 or more Gigabytes of high-speed traffic daily with a charge of only 10 rubles per day (in case of using the Internet), and without debiting any money from the account if there was not a single Internet connection per day (or the volume of traffic for day did not exceed 50 megabytes, with Internet access until January 31, 2014).

    In this case, the average cost of 1 gigabyte will cost only 5 rubles (and this despite the fact that there is no monthly subscription fee).

    By the way, the dual-sim phone A350 with 3G support for 3000 rubles is ideally suited for this matter.

    So, how is all this possible?

    How specifically to "crank up" such an operation, with all the detailed details, I will write in the sequel to this article.
    And now, I suggest to the respected Habrausers to think independently on the solution to this problem.

    Unfortunately, with regard to MTS, I can’t suggest the most convenient solution, because the study of their tariffs plunged me into a gloom. If someone prompts a similar solution using proposals from MTS, then I will be glad to add other proposals to the article to ensure the objectivity of the presentation.

    If I really helped someone with my advice, then I would like to receive feedback, for example, I can thank you by replenishing the balance of my mobile phone


    for any amount, at its discretion.

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