RSS aggregator with vkontakte and twitter

    I am an active user of Google Reader, I learn all the news from him, and the news about closing it could not pass by. Having looked at alternative and open source projects, I could not find for myself the familiar and suitable.
    Having estimated the time, I thought that I could write such an aggregator myself, leaving the basic functions and usability of Google Reader.

    Meet :

    Key Features:
    • minimalistic interface;
    • two-panel navigation with automatic loading of publications during scrolling;
    • navigation between publications using hot keys (k or p - previous, j or n - next, space - page forward, shift + space - page back);
    • automatic marking of the publication as read;
    • Selected publications
    • automatic extraction of links to the RSS feed by the link to the site;
    • Sign in with your Google Account
    • the ability to import favorites and subscriptions from a Google Reader dump via takeout.

    There were some goodies, in you can subscribe to updates from VKontakte and Twitter users.
    The plans include choosing a sorting method, folders for subscriptions, renaming subscriptions.

    PS After baptism of fire and tests, I’ll pump out the source code on github so that everyone can raise their own Google Reader.

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