Why I buy subscribers using targeted advertising VKontakte

It is strange that there are few topics about this: either no one uses VKontakte advertising for this, or the topic is so (secret, complicated) ...

So, why:
  1. I am 100% sure that the people who entered are alive (the robot does not click on ads).
  2. All signatories are interested in the theme of the group (no one really pays them for a subscription). My goal is to collect not just a million people anyhow, but even 30k but targeted ones.
  3. It is cheaper than buying in other ways. Depending on different conditions, 1k subscribers costs 400 - 1300 rubles.

Of course, using VKontakte advertising is more difficult than just giving a thousand and “on relax” to update the group’s statistics, watching how the subscribers arrive.

To launch the VKontakte target you need:
  • Choose a target audience (CA). Of course, here in the VKontakte interface there’s a mountain of parameters, it might scare someone, but I’m happy.
    Especially the "Groups" option.
    I think that I will not reveal a big secret here. This option allows you to make ads appear only to people who are subscribed to specific groups.
    Suppose you decide to create a group for your parents and are sure that your idea is better than all already implemented. But in the VKontakte profile (often) it is not indicated whether a person has children or not. But in the half-millionth group “Ya Mama” (a speculative example) parents certainly gathered. Therefore, you show your advertising only to people from this group and, just like that, and (surprisingly) completely legally withdraw subscribers from a competitor's group.
  • To come up with an ad that should attract the target audience of your group, and not just be cool. His CTR depends on this, and ultimately the amount spent on the entire advertising campaign and the subscriber's price. Example, there were about 700k impressions with a CTR of 0.47 and a total subscriber price of 0.6 rubles (target audience without social and demographic restrictions, but having a very narrow and rather rare interest) .
  • Designing the group ’s page , this greatly affects the number of people who joined the group from those who clicked on advertising (calculated as: the number of subscribers to the group divided by the number of clicks on advertising) and, ultimately, again on the cost of the subscriber. In my practice, this indicator was from 0.35 to 0.6. But in different forums I saw screenshots with indicators and 0.8.
  • Prepare a group avatar . The number of entries is affected by:
    • Avatar Size
    • Visual design avatar.
  • Design the material of the group, at least 3-4 screens down. If the material is not attractive or ugly decorated, the number of entrants falls, which, as a result, entails an increase in the cost of the subscriber. There are many aspects, so only a few:
    • one picture in a post looks boring, if there are a lot of them - there’s nothing for the look to catch on (attention is scattered), we are looking for balance;
    • watch videos less often, more than a minute even less ...;
    • the text under the cut (“show in full”) is read only by very motivated visitors, or if the material is very interesting, or if it is very enticing;
    • women love gifs (almost at any age; unfortunately).
    • polls attract voices, increase interest in the group, but give a minimum of likes or reposts. Thus, they affect the number of subscribers to the group, but do not affect the viral distribution of the group’s content.
      Monosyllabic polls, with answer choices like yes, no, or how much you rate, and further points attract significantly fewer votes than polls with extensive answer choices.

The most dangerous job starts after you have launched VKontakte ads. The danger is that due to the huge number of VK users, you can squander any budget (1k, 3k, and even 10k) in a few minutes.
On my own, I noticed that if you get carried away, there is excitement comparable to playing in a casino. Only here, as a gain, is the total number of subscribers that you want to receive for as little money as possible.

You need to manage an advertising campaign.
Basically, management comes down (and I’ll not reveal a big secret) to price changesfor 1k impressions or for 1 click so that the final subscriber price suits you. Analyzing advertising statistics, I usually track 3 main and more than 3 secondary indicators, the change of which indicates that you need to play around with the price or even stop the campaign for a while. If your price goes beyond the recommended price, the number of ad impressions or the reach of visitors decreases (the ad starts showing more often to the same users, which reduces the CTR with all that it implies). And the recommended price depends on the number of advertisers currently in your target audience segment. Of course, it’s convenient to use different tools here, from Excel to specially developed software.

In conclusion, here are some indicatorsthat you can use to evaluate the effectiveness of your VKontakte advertising company:
  1. Ad CTR (from 0.2 to 0.6, average 0.35).
  2. The number of signatories / the number of clicks on the ad ; (0.35 - 0.6, average: 0.45).
  3. Cost of 1 subscriber = (total amount spent on an advertising company / number of attracted subscribers); (0.4 - 1.3, average: 0.6).

In parentheses he cited the average indicators from his experience on the basis of some tens of millions of impressions, just to have some kind of guideline. I know that there are people who work much better. On the other hand, my main specialty is software development, and this topic has been mastered a little as much as ...

All the prices quoted are cost , excluding the work of a specialist, tools, etc. When this work is done by an agency, the price rises 2–3 times and if you have a limited budget and not a super-duper commercial public, the profitability of such a service will drop for you. If you still want to get a high-quality audience and at the same time save money, it remains to learn all this yourself and experiment on a small budget. I hope that the above will help you figure out where to start and in which direction to move.

It is interesting.

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