Simple and neat box for wires

    For a long time, a pile of wires was dumped behind my monitor on the table - power supplies from the monitor and laptop, charging, and the like. It’s not that they disturbed me very much, but it was practically impossible to remove the dust because of this tangle, which is why lumps of dust chased by the wind from time to time rolled in half with cat hair on my table. However, I recently solved this problem by collecting a neat box for wires from the junk. A very simple design, a minimum of time and money spent - I hope that my instruction will be useful to someone.

    So, we will need:
    - 1 plastic container of a suitable size (I used a 4 liter);
    - 2 polypropylene plugs for 50 mm pipes;
    - 2 pipe clamps for 50 mm;
    - 4 countersunk screws M4 12 or 20 mm long;
    - 4 nuts M4.
    Of the tools we need a knife and, preferably, a drill.
    Let's start with the layout of the container: Note the future holes for the plugs: The easiest way to cut the container is with a heated knife, and then refine the hole with a drill with a sanding drum nozzle and fine sandpaper. The end result: We check whether everything fits: To fix the clamp more securely, drill two holes in it and in the plug and screw in the screws. Recesses under the screw head are easiest to do using a cone of a suitable diameter (I think it would be easier and better to be spherical, but I couldn’t find one): It remains to cut a hole in the plug itself (best with a diameter of 40 mm) and put it all together:





    The box is ready, it remains only to lay the wires. It was originally planned to drill holes along the edge of the plug and fasten the wires to them with ties, but it turned out that the wires did not fall out of the box anyway, so the need for such difficulties disappeared. Thus, these plugs mainly serve as a decorative element and to a lesser extent prevents the container wall from deforming where the holes are cut. I also suggest that such a plug reduces the likelihood that the container will burst through the hole (although it does not seem like it plans to burst at all). So, wires:
    All that needs to be done is to thread the wires through the plugs, leaving only the tails of the required length outside, and twist the excess with rubber bands or cable ties and leave in the container. In addition, I threw a small extension cord into three containers into three sockets to place stationary charges for gadgets in it: That's all, now cleaning comes down to wiping the dust from the container lid. Before and after Thank you for your attention!


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