Yandex.Money startup team: Twym service - money transfers between Twitter users

    A team of Yandex.Money designers and developers based on the open Twitter and Yandex.Money APIs made and launched the Twym project : instant transfers between Yandex.Money users on Twitter using the hashtag #twym .

    How it works?

    1. You go to and attach your twitter account;
    2. Allow Twym access to your Yandex.Money account and specify the limits for daily transfers (for peace of mind);
    3. Write a tweet that simultaneously contains the @ name of the recipient, the amount and hashtag #twym ;
    4. The Twimmy robot sees the record and sends the transfer - or asks your recipient to connect to Twym, if he has not done so already.

    Money is instantly debited from the account; the recipient learns about this by tweet or from a letter if he is subscribed to notifications. You can send a tweet from any twitter client or on in the form of quick tweet (to learn the formula).


    NB: your readers can retweet, and if they are also connected to Twym, they will be charged the same amount in favor of the same @ nickname, with the same comment.

    Transfers can be public or sent to DM by Twimi @twymru . Yandex.Money takes a commission of 0.5% for p2p transfers, that is, if you pay 100 rubles, 100 rubles and 50 kopecks are withdrawn from your account.

    If the person to whom you send money is not connected to Twym, first he will have to authorize his twitter and Yandex.Money account on the project website - the robot will inform him about this in tweets, so he will not miss instructions.

    Yandex.Money already has social applications for collecting money on Facebook ( here ) and VKontakte ( here ), and making a similar tool for twitter is an obvious solution. The development team worked on Twym in their free time from the main projects, specifically used the API “on a common basis” and today it displays the service on i-COMference (right these minutes). The project is non-profit: Twym developers do not take any additional fees, the APIs are open. There is a hashpay on the western internet, Twitpay and the American Express project ; there are no Twym analogues on the Russian Internet yet.


    Twym does not store any passwords, it does not have access to the history of your payments, your data is not publicly disclosed. You can write a comment, or you can just silently transfer money through a robot.

    To send money, you need to write and the user name and amount, and the hashtag (or make Retweet, Twitter and asks, in this case confirmed) - that is completely random shipment in everyday correspondence excluded.


    To test the service, you can set limits for daily transfers during authorization - and do not forget that anonymous Yandex.Money users also have limits: no more than 15,000 rubles per transfer and no more than 40,000 rubles per month.

    But to use Twym, being an authenticated user is, of course, not necessary. The project FAQ with detailed instructions and examples can be found here .

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