Russian Post to create state email for $ 1.03 billion

Against the background of various news, such as the introduction of a mandatory middle name when sending a parcel (which was refuted ), another interesting initiative of this beautiful organization slipped unnoticed.
“Russian Post” is ready in three years to build a state email system for interaction between citizens and departments

It sounds quite interesting against the background of recent habro-discussions about bicycles ( one and two ).
For those who don’t understand why to do something new with e-mail and why this is done first not by Google, but by Russian Post, there is a simple answer:
The project will cost 31.1 billion rubles. ($ 1.03 billion). FSUE expects to receive this money from the budget.

Here at this place everything becomes clear.
Let's try to understand the essence.
The idea of ​​creating state e-mail was expressed in 2009 by the then Minister of Communications, and now Assistant to the President Igor Shchegolev. The new draft law “On Postal Communications”, developed by the Ministry of Communications, speaks of a “single electronic postal system” (EPES).

Something smelled of burnt rubber, or rather even a tire , thanks to Igor Ashmanov for this antipattern. "United Russia" is already there, now there will be another "Unified Postal Electronic System".
As conceived by the authors of the draft program for the development of postal services, the EPES “Russian Post” should use at least three data centers for data security, between which there must be at least 100 km. It should provide work for 100 million users and be inaccessible for no more than 5 minutes per year. Given the global tasks set for the system, its cost is adequate, the representative of the Russian Post insists

I wonder where you can spend a billion dollars inventing another bike? Well, let's say there is not a bicycle, but a real hardware and software solution with three data centers spaced at least 100 km away. Billion is the value of 8-9% of Motorola Mobility with all assets and technologies. Any inexperienced corruption and misappropriated manager of a Western corporation will be very surprised how you can spend $ 1 billion on this .

Source of quotes:

Something tells us that they will buy 3 servers with rollbacks (data centers), put mail servers there (a unique unified system), hang up a granary lock (cryptography and security) and ... and now the money has been spent and we need new funding for integration with mail and government agencies, the development of protocols for delivering messages to the computers of officials, more secure than IMAP + SSH.

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