Meet DevOpsConf Russia

    The principles of DevOps have penetrated the life of the developers, and although there are no fewer differences in concepts, the community needs a separate large event to share experiences. It will be the DevOpsConf Russia conference .

    DevOpsConf Russia will be held on October 1 and 2 in Moscow, will bring together 500 specialists and will logically continue the RootConf series. We went to this reincarnation for several years, and finally we are ready to tell everything.

    In 2015, as part of the RIT ++ festival, we revived the RootConf conference in order to attract interest in modern operating tools and DevOps approaches.

    Large projects began to consist of many components, sets of microservices began to replace monoliths. Developing and maintaining such systems without a deep understanding of all aspects at once: architecture, technology, supply, operating environment, hardware features - has become inefficient.

    Following these requirements, the RootConf topic covered all operational issues:

    • Virtualization and containerization technologies.
    • Configuration management.
    • Continuous deployment and deployment.
    • Logging and monitoring.
    • Technology resiliency and disaster tolerance.

    At the same time, we gradually added DevOps content. During this time, the very concept of DevOps has become much more common. Although the spread has led to a blurring of boundaries, the approach has become more interesting and understandable to the community. The description “RootConf - a conference on operation and DevOps” now does not reflect our view of things.

    DevOps is the combination of development, testing, and operational processes together. The whole technological process of the project development does not consist of separate stages, all parts are closely intertwined and go parallel courses, and the process itself in the DevOps paradigm becomes completely different.
    In more detail about why all this is needed and where it is moving, was discussed in  an interview before Highload ++ Siberia.

    The community has grown so much that, first, we decided to separate the conference from the festival. Secondly, to give it a new, correct name - DevOpsConf Russia . Reincarnation will be held on October 1 and 2 in Moscow in Infospace , and we invite you to take part in this.


    At the future conference, we don’t want to talk only about exploitation, we are interested in a holistic perception and engineering practices that allow implementing this approach.

    The main message that we want to convey at the DevOpsConf conference is that the application of the DevOps approach requires different views on the entire development process.

    These 9 groups of topics that fully describe DevOps, and which will highlight at the conference:

    • Infrastructure platform.
    • Infrastructure as a code.
    • Continuous delivery.
    • Feedback.
    • Architecture in DevOps, DevOps for CTO.
    • SRE practices.
    • Training and knowledge management.
    • Security, DevSecOps.
    • DevOps Transformation.

    Previously familiar topics CI / CD, monitoring and reliability fit into a new structure, but are viewed from a different angle. They become the building blocks of which a large infrastructure is built. Separate technological solutions organically fit into the overall process.

    For whom the conference

    Benefit will be for every taste, participants will be able to:

    • learn about technological innovations and how to use them;
    • see practical DevOps case studies and master classes;
    • chat with experts who practice DevOps and share experiences;
    • learn about DevOps practices and compare them with those adopted in your own company.

    For those who are already working in the DevOps paradigm, there will be reports with deep immersion in the topic and important details, and discussions of new products. If you are only at the beginning of the path, then this will be a great opportunity to look at real working examples from the start to successful implementation. You will see how development, testing and operation can be inseparable.

    In summary, participation will be interesting:

    • developers who work inside the DevOps process;
    • software engineer in test, i.e. people who are involved in the automation of the testing process;
    • software reliability engineer and those who create an infrastructure platform;
    • CTO and senior managers;
    • and to everyone who wants to know how DevOps works with others.

    The conference is also needed for those who still believe that DevOps is doing the DevOps department from DevOps engineers ( we tried to convincingly destroy this and other myths last year).

    Call for Papers

    The program committee is waiting for the application until August 15 . It is important for us to open the topic from different angles, so we are ready to assemble a puzzle from private fragments. If DevOps in your company has not yet been fully implemented, but on the way you have already developed solutions to individual problems from our classification, we will be happy to consider such a report.

    Any, even partial, practice can be uncovered, and thus valuable experience can be conveyed. The program committee will help with this, we have a proven process of refinement, comments, runs, and performance training. It is not superfluous to repeat that it is possible to speak at our conferences for the first time successfully , but it will take time to prepare.

    Do not forget that at the conference there is always a place for less formal, but more interactive, types of interaction between speakers and participants.


    Work on the program is already in full swing. Below are a few cool requests that the speakers have worked well with the Program Committee.

    Where is software stuck?

    Flexible management, lean management, continuous integration, finally -DevOps! What we did not do to optimize the delivery of software. The advantage of the DevOps principles is that they have gathered all the previous experience.

    Anton Weiss (Otomato) believes that DevOps is based on system analysis and measurements , together with him at the conference we will look at all parts of the software delivery pipeline and discuss what to measure, how to measure , how to use system analysis to identify these bottlenecks, and how it will help to you in optimizing the delivery time of your IT organization’s value.

    Kubernetes internal architecture

    Most resources about Cuberntes describe it as a fantastic technology given to us by wizards from Google . Perhaps this is really a cool thing, but administrators know: the sun rises in the east, and complex distributed systems refuse to produce .

    Ben Tyler is working on on a system of controlled release of applications on many clusters. Ben will help to create a working understanding of the main components of Cuberntes and the interaction between them.

    Revenue Based Monitoring

    Vasily Ozerov (fevlake) suggests looking at monitoring more widely than usual. All collect a variety of technical indicators and some business metrics: revenue, retention, quality . Unfortunately, very often these metrics are analyzed separately from each other, and no one tries to relate them. Do you know how much money the web server brings to you ? How to see problems when all technical monitoring systems are green? How much money does a business lose when the database is 90% loaded? And 50%? Come - we will understand.

    Terraform best practices with examples and arguments

    Anton Babenko is actively involved in Open Source projects, the most popular of which, terraform-aws-modules was downloaded a million times. From the report on DevOpsConf you can learn first-hand about many details: the best practices of using Terraform, the pros and cons of code structure, tricks and pitfalls. The main thing is that Anton promises to show examples of code that works everywhere: from small projects to very large infrastructures. If you are already using Terraform, then this is a great opportunity to get practical advice.

    Come to participate

    We will fill these two days - October 1 and 2 - DevOps to the eyeballs. We will present 30 reports for a comprehensive coverage of the topic, conduct 20 meetings and master classes for complete immersion in the topic, organize discussions with experts, and prepare an evening program for informal communication.

    Participants of our conferences always note the importance of professional communication. We create an environment for effective networking and try to ensure that the visit leaves only positive emotions.

    See you at DevOpsConf Russia on October 1 and 2 in Moscow in Infospace. Applications for performances are accepted until August 15 . Tickets can be booked later, but the closer, the more expensive.

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