Friday datamining

    Every Friday we carefully collect newsletters for our users. This newsletter is not ordinary, but only for those who noted erotica in the interests of. It is called “Friday's Tits”.

    Every Friday we select the 15 best girls, wrap it up and send it to our surfers. The work of the entire office is stopped to appreciate each. Of course, we often have srach on the topic “her ass is thick vs normal ass”, “big boobs vs small boobs”, etc. To resolve all our disputes, from time to time we do internal analytics. In today's article, we will tell you, habrauser, about our latest research and findings from it.


    The newsletter contains 15 photos of girls, broken into sets, three in each. The sets are as follows:
    • blondes
    • brunettes
    • redheads
    • asians
    • tattoo / piercing

    We set ourselves the task of finding out who men prefer, how their preferences change depending on age, well, all sorts of ridiculous third options.

    Types of girls

    Distribution of likes by type:
    Brunettes are in the lead, and blondes are not even in second place.

    Dependence of preferences on age:
    In general, men are very constant - their preferences hardly change with age. They see a naked woman, well, okay.
    • Men love brunettes and blondes equally at any age, but they like redheads in general a little less than the first and second.
    • Interest in red women does not subside with age (but does not increase). They have their own atmosphere there.
    • But with age, men begin to love tattooed women less; these preferences are redistributed mainly between European girls with different hair colors, Asians hardly get it.

    The size

    Men often claim to adore big boobs. In fact this is not true. Carrying out a / b tests, we came to the conclusion that the medium-small size is more attractive for men (and quite strong!).
    Perhaps there is a dependence on the time of year, the degree of satiety, and many other factors, but we have not dug so deep.

    That's all for now. All with the first day of spring! Next time we will tell you about the preferences of the girls (yes, they also receive such a newsletter).

    PS All the girls from our newsletters can be admired here .

    Only registered users can participate in the survey. Please come in.

    Your opinion, habrayuzery. Which type is better?

    • 27% blondes 1195
    • 63.6% brunette 2,815
    • 49.9% redhead 2212
    • 20.5% Asian 909
    • 12.9% tattoo 575

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