Evernote Business is now available for companies in Russia

    More than 50 million people around the world use Evernote to remember all the important information, while more than 66% use the service for business purposes. The success of a business largely depends on the experience and knowledge of each member of the team, which is why we have developed Evernote Business - a solution that allows optimizing Evernote for corporate tasks of information exchange and providing employees with quick access to a common knowledge base.

    Since the announcement in December 2012, the product began to be used by more than 3,000 companies and teams in the USA, Japan and other countries of the world, and today we are pleased to announce the arrival of Evernote Business in Russia.

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    Evernote Business is based on the set of features that Evernote Premium Subscription can offer, and is supplemented by a number of new features designed to meet the needs of small and medium-sized businesses, as well as working groups in large companies. Now users will be able to add new information to colleagues and quickly find out what other employees know about topics of interest without any delays or interference with the dissemination of information within the company.

    Read more about new features below.

    Corporate Knowledge Base

    Every day in the process of work, we are faced with a large amount of information that needs to be remembered: schedules, notes from meetings, task lists, studies, presentations, and much more. Evernote is convenient in that you can save all the important information into it and instantly find it when you need it. To provide business users with enough space for corporate data, we offer 2 gigabytes of monthly downloads to personal notebooks, which is twice the amount available to premium subscribers. The company also receives 2 gigabytes per month for each user, which are distributed among all business notebooks.

    Business notebooks

    By connecting to Evernote Business, users will be able to create business notebooks and post work documents, projects, studies, and any other work information in them. Each such notebook or the note contained in it can be shared with colleagues by sharing with multiple users or by publishing the notebook in a business library where all employees of the company can see it.

    Personal notebooks

    Evernote Business users can also create personal notebooks. They are not accessible to other employees or to the administrator of the company and are controlled by the user himself. If at the time of connecting to the business account the user already had an Evernot account and did not want to create another one, all his personal notes and notebooks will be visible only to him and will remain untouched if disconnected from Evernote Business. Personal and business notebooks can be distinguished visually. Business notebooks are owned by the company and controlled by an administrator appointed by the company.

    Business library

    If business notebooks are the first step towards improving productivity, the second step is to use the information stored by individual employees to the benefit of the company as a whole. A business library is a single platform where employees can publish their business notebooks, and administrators can post important corporate information. As the company grows, such a knowledge base becomes a useful resource for both new and existing employees.

    Information exchange and search

    Business notebooks and a library allow corporate information to be made available to each employee, but we went further and implemented several solutions that allowed business users to constantly be aware of the knowledge of the entire team.

    Improved sharing options
    Evernote Business enables employees to share important information not only with their team, department or the whole company, but also with outside users (for example, customers). Thanks to flexible access settings, the company's information will be safe, and if an employee leaves the company, he will only have access to personal records, and his business notes will be stored in the corporate knowledge base.

    The easiest way to find the information you need in your business account is to look at it in the business library. Each new employee who is connected to a business account can see a set of recommended business notebooks - this will help to get into work from the very first day.

    In addition, every time a user searches for information in his personal account, Evernote Business offers relevant results from his joint business notebooks. This is another convenient way to keep abreast of what others know about the issue.

    We also updated Evernote Web Clipper and Clearly.for Chrome, so that members of a business account can search for information on the Internet (in Google, Bing, Yahoo! and other search engines) and immediately see similar results from both their personal and business accounts.

    Linked Notes The
    new linked notes feature shows suitable entries from the company's collective knowledge base, allowing you to pay attention to valuable information at the right time. When viewing, searching or creating a new note, the user will see similar records both from his account, and from connected business notebooks, as well as from the company’s library. Thus, he will be aware of all the information on the topic that his colleagues have.

    Administration and cost

    The cost of Evernote Business is 300 rubles per month per user.

    The central administration panel allows you to easily increase the number of jobs, as well as view and control access rights for the accounts of all employees. You can pay for a subscription for employees by credit card.

    Support for Evernote Business is implemented in Evernote for Windows, Mac, iOS and Android. Linked notes can already be viewed in the Mac app, Evernote Clearly for Chrome and Firefox, as well as in Evernote Web Clipper for Chrome.

    For more information on how to connect Evernote Business, visit the Evernote Business website .

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