PlayStation Meeting 2013 Russian version

    Today at 3 a.m. Moscow time, the presentation of the Sony PlayStation 4 game console will take place , at least we all hope that we will be shown exactly the new console from Sony. The time, of course, is later, but you can’t miss such an event, because the presentation of each generation of consoles is a whole event for the entire industry.

    It is pointless to guess now what they have prepared for us tonight, it is easier to just wait. Now it’s better to look back and remember the presentation of the PS3.
    PS3 was announced already in 2006, which by modern standards is an eternity ago. Think about it, over the years between the announcement of the PS3 and PS4, six iPhone models, four iPad models and countless Android devices have been shown. A modern smartphone in your pocket is already capable of delivering a picture no worse than the current generation of consoles. Mobile gaming is reaching a qualitatively different level, and all this is happening right before our eyes. It is impossible to imagine what our world will be for the announcement of the PS5, and whether such a concept as a game console will still exist. It's no secret that everything gradually goes into the clouds, and after 7 years we may not even need a buzzing box near the TV, but rather a device on the wrist of our hand or somewhere else :). Why am I all this? Moreover, today's presentation cannot be missed.
    The official broadcast will naturally, Sony .

    If you don’t want to listen to English and want to discuss the presentation of Sony late at night, we offer you our adapted to Russian translation on LiveStream . We will start at 1:30 with an hour of discussion, after which we will broadcast with simultaneous translation already at 3:00. Come along with more fun.

    The broadcast will be conducted by the Dourd habrayuzer with guests in the studio, and updates on the broadcast news can be monitored on the social network Twitter on the T-Crowd Show channel .

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