In iOS 6.1, password bypass is possible

    A serious vulnerability was found in the recently released Apple iOS iOS 6.1 firmware - the ability to bypass the password and gain access to some functions of the device.

    Do you think it requires special programs, jailbreak or something like that?
    Not at all, only a little shamanism of zeal.

    Hacking Process:

    1) Unlock the device
    2) Press the “Emergency call”
    key 3) Hold down the Power key until the slider turns off the device
    4) Press “Cancel”
    5) Call the emergency number 112 and immediately drop the call
    6) Press Power to lock the device
    7) Unlock the device again and then hold down Power (from the password entry screen)
    8) After (approximately) 3 seconds, click on the "Emergency Call"
    Well, here you are in the phone application

    As a result, you will get access to: Application phone, voicemail, photos.

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