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    About the project.

    Good day, dear colleagues in the industry. Today I decided to tell you about my small project. This is a helpdesk system written for the needs of its own outsourcing company, or rather its beta version. The project is written on the yii framework using some extensions from third-party authors.

    Meet vsDesk .

    The history of the project is simple - I wanted to feel yii, and as part of the training, I decided to immediately create a helpdesk system, because yii allows even a person of my "programmer" qualification to do this (by profile I am not a programmer, but I'm very interested in web development).
    Down and Out trouble started. Over time, I started smoking Class Reference, Extensions, fastened it to the Yiibooster project - an extension for integrating with Twitter Bootstrap and some others, which I will list a bit later.

    Features vsDesk.

    Since the system was originally designed for your own needs, the capabilities of the program are limited by the following functions:
    • Three user interfaces: User, Manager and Administrator (The main difference between them is the capabilities and rights to certain actions, which cannot be changed yet).
    • Creation of applications for maintenance, repair and various incidents with the ability to select an asset tied to the user.
    • User assets database with editable categories and the ability to import from CSV.
    • Card of the company tied to the user with details (billing and storage of contracts in the system are planned in the future).
    • Basic fixed-cost service plans
    • The catalog of services (services), filled out by the administrator with the ability to assign the cost of each service.
    • Individual tariff plans are the basic tariff plans taken as a basis + a set of additional services that the user (the client company) can choose.
    • Service levels - have the following metrics: reaction time; decision time; working hours during which the service is carried out; fine - the cost of an hour of delay; complexity factor - a number that increases the cost of the final individual tariff.
    • Customizable priority of applications with time coefficients, on the basis of which the parameters of the reaction metrics and decisions on the application are changed.
    • The beginnings of a knowledge base with categories and search.
    • Email notifications of new / changed applications to the initiator of the application, manager and administrator assigned to the company by the client, client.
    • Settings of the SMTP server through which the sending will be carried out, and notification parameters.
    • Export the list of applications and assets to Excel (First steps towards reporting).

    What is in the plans.

    In the future, it is planned to expand the functionality and add on existing functions, but for this I plan to invite a person who could realize a lot on a professional level.
    List of Wishlist:
    • Create reports on the execution of applications with export to Excel.
    • Add the ability to invoice with sending by email and in accordance with the tariff plan in automatic mode.
    • Add the ability to store invoices.
    • Add the ability to generate a contract with a client according to the template and its attachment to the company.
    • Add the ability to SMS - notifications and personalize notification settings for each client.
    • Modify the interfaces, remove all the jambs.
    • Add multilanguage.


    Ah, that is the sweet word money. Of course, I would like someday the project began to make money, but it seems to me that selling a product that contains other people's developments is wrong. Therefore, I decided that it would be opensource, but with paid support and improvements. All prices indicated on the site are profanity - as the site itself is a template purchased on themeforest.


    The question about the opensource licensing account is open, because I am not strong in these matters, I hope for the help of the community.

    Used extensions.

    1. Yiibooster
    2. Ckeditor
    3. Mailer
    4. Eexcelview


    Of course, I would like to create a useful product, but it is difficult to do it alone. Therefore, I expect criticism from you, because there is no more useful feedback than criticism. Perhaps the project will grow into something more powerful and useful, but so far I am doing it alone it is unrealistic. If among you there are people who could participate in the project, then we are always welcome.

    Project site
    User: user / user
    Administrator: admin / admin

    P.S. test the operation of email notifications will not work, because they are attached to demo emails and smtp settings.

    Only registered users can participate in the survey. Please come in.

    Is this system interesting? Is it worth it to develop

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    • 18.7% No, not worth 155

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