Augmented Reality Book Idea

    good afternoon

    Nowadays, augmented reality systems are gaining more and more popularity, and 3D video into which you immerse yourself in life.
    But books remain almost unchanged, carriers change, but not the point that most of what we read creates our imagination.

    The idea that I had was to build an e-book and a sight tracking detector. The computer, knowing which line we are reading now, can include background sounds or change the background image or even the style of the text.

    Imagine reading about a cloudy morning in London in the 19th century, you will hear the sound of rain and the sound of a carriage, or reaching the words about ancient parchment, the text will change the style and the background will acquire the color and texture of papyrus. options with heat from the book or its vibration are possible.
    So part of the work of imagination can be translated into the reality of this world.

    If anyone has the knowledge and desire to combine these technologies into one, I will only be in favor, I give the idea for skilled hands.

    I think ideas should belong to everyone.

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