- AngularJS video course is a project created by John Lindquist whose goal is to create video courses. According to the author, he was never satisfied with existing implementations of sites with video tutorials. Therefore, his main task was the application of best practices for organizing and submitting training video materials on the network.
    While the resource itself is under development and needs a high-quality design. But now the first course of video tutorials on AngularJS is available.
    The project received a lot of good community feedback and was also mentioned on the javascript weekly mailing list and on the javascript page on google + .

    Project site -
    Twitter project - @eggheadio
    Twitter author -@johnlindquist

    Judging by recent records, the project can get just such a logo .

    The list of videos available on the site:
    1. AngularJS Binding
    2. AngularJS Controllers
    3. AngularJS The Dot
    4. AngularJS Sharing Data Between Controllers
    5. AngularJS Defining a Method on the Scope
    6. AngularJS Filters
    7. AngularJS Testing Overview
    8. AngularJS ngFilter
    9. AngularJS Built-in Filters
    10. AngularJS First Directive
    11. AngularJS Directive Restrictions
    12. AngularJS Basic Behaviors
    13. AngularJS Useful Behaviors
    14. AngularJS - Directives Talking to Controllers
    15. AngularJS - Directive to Directive Communication
    16. AngularJS - Understanding Isolate Scope
    17. AngularJS Isolate Scope "@"
    18. AngularJS Isolate Scope "="
    19. AngularJS Isolate Scope "&"
    20. AngularJS Isolate Scope Review
    21. AngularJS Transclusion Basics
    22. AngularJS Thinking Different about Controllers
    23. AngularJS Thinking Different about Organization
    24. Directive Example: Building Zippy
    25. AngularJS angular.element
    26. FAQ $ scope vs. scope
    27. AngularJS templateUrl
    28. AngularJS $ templateCache
    29. AngularJS ngView
    30. AngularJS The Config Function
    31. AngularJS $ routeProvider api
    32. AngularJS $ routeParams
    33. AngularJS redirectTo
    34. AngularJS Promises

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