Receiving user email via Vkontakte API

    Good day to all!

    Perhaps the title of my topic is already beaten beyond recognition and may even cause sarcastic smiles on the faces of readers. But still, I will try.

    Although I was engaged in web development, and programming in general not so long ago, I still had to deal with the API of social networks such as Facebook and Vkontakte. The robot with "likes" and other data was a great success. But now, I got into a deadlock: how can I connect users to a common account (the problem was the following Vkontakte, unlike my older brother, stubbornly did not want to give the user's email). After reading a lot of forums, various FAQs, I came to the conclusion that this is still impossible. Like, the developers of the social network do not want to give out so confidential information about their users. I had to come to terms with this. The task was solved in another way, and a small resentment lurked in the soul.

    But, my post, a little about it. Just today I came across the following . At first glance, an ordinary site on the Internet. But the most interesting thing for me was inside when I decided to log in as a user.

    In order not to register for a long time, I quickly pressed the login button through Vkontakt and here I was waiting for the first surprise, a standard window, for requesting rights to the application, except that it could receive my email.

    After that, in my personal account, in my personal data, my email was quietly displayed.
    He got on the Internet, there isn’t any news on this topic, in the Konatkt section about the API there is also silence.

    I just didn’t find any news, just that Contact nevertheless gives an email.

    So, will they please us soon too? or is it the consequences of the Mayan apocalypse?

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