Video of the lectures of the entire course of the first Yandex Interface Development School

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Interface development is one of the most important areas in Yandex, whose services are used by millions of people. And not a single Russian university, unfortunately, prepares interface developers. All the knowledge that a modern typesetter or front-end programmer needs is necessary to draw from articles on the Internet, books, and reports at conferences. But often this is not enough. Almost every new interface developer we recruited had to learn a lot.

For a long time working at Yandex, we were able to systematize all our knowledge and vast experience in creating a front-end web services. The result of this reflection and long work was the first School of Interface Development, which was held in the Moscow office of Yandex. The entire practical part of the training took place in real Yandex projects. The theoretical one consisted of lectures delivered by leading developers of Yandex interfaces: Sergey veged Berezhnoy, Mikhail mishanga Troshev, Alexei doochik Androsov, Mikhail azproduction Davydov and others.

Graduates of the first Yandex Interface Development School

Today we post videos of each of them. The entire course is systematized and divided into five blocks: development tools, technologies in interface development, programming languages, frameworks, design.

Development tools

Interface Technology

Programming languages



As a result of the course, 20 graduates of the School became our colleagues, and now they are working on service interfaces that are used by almost all Russian Internet users. The second School opened on February 2 in the Simferopol office of Yandex, where Vitaly vithar Harisov works . Closer to the summer of this year, we plan to begin recruiting for the third stream of training, which will again be held at Yandex in Moscow.

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