Moscow government open data portal launched

    The Moscow government has launched an open data portal . It contains data sets in machine-readable form (in CSV format) for subsequent use and processing by all comers.

    Although the portal has just been launched, about 150 sets have already been placed - from the addresses of youth centers to the overhaul facilities of the road network. Most kits provide contact information for various government agencies and facilities, but there are, for example, top renters and exact boundaries of Moscow districts . Geocoding data can be studied on the map in the appropriate section in the set or in the electronic atlas .

    A separate section is devotedApplications that use hosted data. The section contains both applications developed by the Moscow IT department and one InTaxi application developed by third-party Venture Brothers developers (although I did not find which of the sets is used in the application).

    Unfortunately, now the registration link as a developer is requesting authorization, but I hope this is a temporary phenomenon.

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