MODX club in Moscow

    So, right away the main thing: I announce the opening of the MODX club in Moscow :-)

    We will be based in the anti-cafe YoStudio . The institution is just wonderful! We will have our own hall for 25 people, large tables (which can be arranged as it will be more convenient), Wi-Fi. In general, everything you need. In the photo, the hall seems naked, but this is just a bad photo. There are windows and a bookcase with books and an office, as well as a stand for presentations.

    The following events are planned:
    • Training seminars for end users (the basics of managing MODX sites, etc.)
    • Advanced training courses for MODX programmers
    • Just nice and useful meetings to chat about your favorite System.

    The first meeting will be held this Monday, that is, January 28th at 16 o’clock.

    The financial side of the issue: being in the territory of the anti-cafe is paid, but the price is very insignificant - 2 rubles / minute. However, you are not limited to attending our events. There are game rooms with board games and other little things in order to just relax.

    I’ll clarify again: this will be a permanent place for our club, that is, there we will meet constantly. How often - will depend on attendance. If there are many who wish, then we will meet at least every day, there is an agreement. I’ll bring an iMac so that you can examine the MODX examples in detail, but it’s advisable to come with your favorite laptop so that no one picks up the mouse ;-)

    In general, we are waiting for everyone! :-)

    I'd love to hear questions, wishes, etc. Everything will be taken into account.

    UPD For those who still do not know what MODX is : it is such a very powerful platform for developing web projects. Who wants to know more about this, just come, I will tell you in detail and show everything.

    UPD2 Who plans to go for sure, immediately unsubscribe in the comments, as we can accept as many as 30 people at a time.

    UPD3 Tomorrow (01/31/2013) another meeting .

    Only registered users can participate in the survey. Please come in.

    Do you think the MODX club is good?

    • 43.5% Yes 88
    • 7.9% No 16
    • 20.7% Anyway 42
    • 27.7% What is MODX? 56

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