Youtube chips: speech recognition (to text), automatic subtitles

    Good Corporation does not cease to amaze. I have already heard how on the basis of Google’s developments it is possible to recognize speech in text. At one time, I was very interested in this issue, I was looking for solutions (software and not only). But decent products did not come to hand. As I later learned, all such systems are used by special services and the military. But that’s not the point now.

    I found that the button Text Video appeared on all fresh videos.

    The subtitle texts along with the time code can be copied and used as you want, for example:

    • creating subtitles - based on the data of automatic captions, you can edit the subtitles for your videos
    • audio decryption
    • finding the right moment in long videos : this is a very convenient feature when you need to find some fragment in a long video by keywords

    The list goes on. Previously, this feature was available only for English-language videos.
    The quality of recognition depends very much on the sound quality.

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