SmartProgress: elephant hunting

    The big elephant is eaten in pieces. This rather well-known metaphor from the book of Gleb Arkhangelsky suggests that the path from any number of small steps leads to any global goal. This is not to say that this idea is original (to one degree or another, it is present in many books on time management, the same Covey and his “sharpening a saw” or Allen’s Getting Things Done and his flight at an altitude of 30 or 50 thousand miles) however this idea does not become less correct. Let's do it again: a big elephant is eaten in pieces.

    Why do I focus on this. I do not think that the majority of those gathered in these specialized blogs for the first time see this truth. However, it is one thing to know, another thing to have a convenient tool for cutting carcasses. But more on that later. In the meantime, a little theory.

    So, for starters, the correct goal setting.

    The goal must be achievable (otherwise it is a dream) and measurable. Those. there is no such goal as “learn English”. It is unattainable in principle. You can reach the Advanced level, expand the vocabulary to a certain number of active words (there are services that allow this to be counted), and so on. Those. the last two options are achievable and measurable goals. And the first is a poorly formulated dream or desire. Similarly, there are no goals to "lose weight", "go in for sports", "defeat procrastination" and "get rich" because they are immeasurable.

    But the task of “accumulating 500 thousand rubles in two years” is the goal. Moreover, a very good, easily measurable goal. Most importantly, it is easily chopped into pieces and can begin to be fulfilled right now. And "get a certificate for .... paste to taste ”is also much better divided into subtasks and executed than the faceless“ learn such and such programming language ”.

    Now about how this goal is being fulfilled. The same Allen in his GTD concept teaches that any action consisting of more than two actions must be considered a separate project. And to create your own folder, section, or something else in the same spirit. Now, regularly reviewing our to-do list, we will see our Goal (exactly, with a capital letter), and understand whether we are moving towards it or not. If not, you can always plan another little step that you can do today. For example, set aside 20 thousand from the salary for a deposit. Or right now buy a book on a programming language.

    And finally, on the way to the goal, it is very important for us to see progress. To understand that we are not standing still, but moving. Let it slowly but constantly. And here, when we figured out the goal setting, the instrument with the help of which we will share, kick and, most importantly, track it comes first. After all, we are techies, which means that like no one else we understand that a correctly selected tool is, if not half the battle, then a significant part of it. I will show goal setting using the SmartProgress goal achievement service as an example (after all, this is a corporate blog, by the way, thank you for being with us), but you can use any of the usual methods or use the similar English service .

    So, we add the purpose. For example, "save up to 500 thousand rubles." We immediately write down a description: Accumulate 500 thousand rubles by February 1, 2015.

    Now we divide the goal into stages. For example:
    1. Set aside 60 thousand for the first quarter of 2013;
    2. Find and put money on a deposit for two years at 11% per annum. The contribution must be replenished and with capitalization of interest;
    3. Set aside 60 thousand rubles for the second quarter of 2013;

    And the last - we set the end date for the fulfillment of the goal and a suitable category. At the same time, you can choose whether to make the goal public or open only to yourself or only to friends. The first and third may come in handy if you need advice on how best to achieve your goal. The second - if you are afraid of a possible painful intervention from the outside. In any case, the choice is yours. The only thing is that in the case of a closed goal you will not be able to get advice and get support from friends. In any case, no one bothers to set public goals (for example, certification in a programming language), where your friends will regularly “kick” you for possible laziness and personal goals that are secret, which you’re scared to admit even to yourself.

    And finally, the last. When the goal is formed, she has a diary. The place where you can mark the completion of stages, look at the progressively filling progress bar.

    And, most importantly, add notes, photos and just memorabilia. All that can be proud of looking at the fulfillment of the goal. For example, a screenshot of the first deposit from Internet banking, or a scan of a training certificate.

    Our goal is over. It's time to see what other users dream of. According to SmartPtogress statistics, people most often set goals related to business or finance, study and personal growth.

    And in what category is your goal?

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