ReSpeller - Spell Checker Plugin for ReSharper

Many developers using various IDEs from JetBrains - Idea, PyCharm, etc. - know and actively use the spell checker built into them. However, unfortunately .Net developers, Resharper lacks such functionality out of the box.
Therefore, I decided to write my plugin for Resharper to check spelling in the code.

A reasonable question: why do this if there are several spell checkers for Visual Studio, as well as a couple of similar plug-ins for Resharper himself?

Spell checkers directly for the Studio work only at the source text level, i.e. there can be no talk of any refactoring when correcting an error in the identifier. As for the existing plug-ins for Resharper, they work quite well, however a little further will be explained why my plug-in is more convenient and better.

How it works

ReSpeller works, as any spell checker should work - it highlights errors wherever possible (or rather, where it is indicated): in identifiers, comments, string literals, in attribute values, in free markup text in XML, while offering various options to fix

The most significant difference from other plugins lies in the process of correcting a typo in the identifier. If other plugins offer the usual context menu with correction options, then ReSpeller displays the “native” Rename refactoring menu, as if you pressed F2:

In the case of a non-local declaration, we will see the usual dialog with name options

But what if the name was used in lines or comments, you ask? After all, other plugins do not handle this situation (though they do not handle it :)). And ReSpeller processes it, because it can do Resarper's Rename refactoring.

Support for programming languages

ReSpeller supports many programming languages ​​and markup languages. Among them:
  • programming languages: C #, VB.NET, JavaScript
  • markup languages: HTML, XML, XAML, RESX
  • mixed file types: CSHTML (Razor), ASPX, ASHX


ReSpeller provides spell checking in multiple languages.
You can independently install the dictionaries you need (instructions here ).
It should be noted that, thanks to the excellent Hunspell spelling engine and its special dictionaries, when checking words, their various forms, suffixes and prefixes are correctly processed, etc.

Notification Levels

In the plugin settings, you can separately specify the importance levels of highlighting for different elements of the source code.
For example, you can turn off the highlighting of typos in the comments if it bothers you.

Check and highlight in the rename dialog

Another "proprietary" feature of my plugin. ReSpeller can show typos right in the dialog for renaming Resharper himself.
I admit, I had to tinker a lot to implement it.

Verification at the project / decision level

There are situations when a developer writes a public API, and typos in his various identifiers, if not to say that they are unacceptable, are certainly very bad form. An analysis of the level of the entire project will help to avoid this situation. Opening ReSharper | Inspect | Code Issues in Project / Solution , you can see a list of all typos in the project / solution.

Where to get

The plugin comes in two versions - Free and Pro. Differences of versions, as well as links can be found on the official website of the best spell checker for Resharper. Bugs

found, as well as ideas for new features, can be submitted to the bug tracker .
For all other questions, you can contact the addresses provided in the Contacts section of the site, or directly to me Artem Bukhonov

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