NASA - weekly review of events (now in Russian)


    After the translation of the ISS excursion was published , the guys from InoSMI contacted us and suggested making the column permanent. I would like to know the point of view of the Habrazhitel and evaluate the interest in the space topic (created a survey under the cut).

    In the meantime, we publish the first translation of the weekly digest of NASA events, in simple words - a video podcast (which we translated into Russian and voiced). Unfortunately, the digest last week of January 4. With great interest, the audience will continue to be efficient.

    Here is the source on the NASA website.

    You can subscribe to new videos on the VKontakte page or on the Simple Science website .

    Only registered users can participate in the survey. Please come in.

    Should I translate weekly digests from NASA and other foreign video materials about space?

    • 82.5% Yes, it is very interesting. I will die every issue. 982
    • 12.6% Interesting, but why so often? 151
    • 1.4% I like space, but I don’t want to know anything about the bourgeois space! Only Roskosmos. 17
    • 1% Not interested in this topic. 12
    • 2.3% It would be better to do business than to post all nonsense ... 28

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