FAS proposes a law on the mandatory installation of Russian software on smartphones

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The Federal Antimonopoly Service of Russia submitted to the government a “road map” for the development of competition for 2018–2020. The most interesting offer of FAS - adopt by April 2019 the law on the mandatory fitting of all smartphones in the Russian domestic software - Russian browser, email, music players, and other applications, it became known publication "Kommersant" (they got a copy of the document).

In addition, the law will establish the mandatory ability for users to completely remove the pre-installed programs and applications, with the exception of service programs. This is what Yandex has long offered to do, including one of the main promoters of this idea of bobuk in the Radio-T podcast .

Obviously, the authors of the bill will refer to the European experience, where Google has recently been fined a record $ 5 billion for the monopoly position of the Android operating system. Interestingly, in the last vote, 51.5% of the readers of Habrakhabr considered this decision of the European Commission to be unfair, and 48.5% considered fair. That is, opinions are divided almost in half.

The conflict between FAS and Google was not forgotten in 2015 , when the service demanded to eliminate violations of the competition law in terms of abuse of dominant position on the Android operating system (the case against Google was initiated by the application of Yandex ).

The draft “roadmap” of the FAS was submitted in April of this year. Then FAS
She noted that she receives “complaints from citizens about service applications on phones, smartphones, tablets that are installed automatically and without the possibility of deletion,” these are browser, mail, audio player and other applications.

According to the president of the Russoft Association, Valentina Makarova, FAS is trying to help Russian developers through non-tariff regulation: may I help. But from a global point of view, such measures do not lead to the development of competition, he said.

Obviously, the same Yandex company will significantly increase its share in the search market among browsers if its software is legally bound to be installed on all smartphones. Under normal conditions, Yandex is hard to compete with Google, so legislative support will come in handy.

Unfortunately, new burdens for manufacturers can lead to a rise in price of licensed smartphones.
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