How to simplify roaming electric vehicles?

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    Today I would like to talk about the first of its kind project E-Mobility B2B Marketplace, which will facilitate the charging of electric vehicles.

    IBM Corporation introduced a project that will simplify the charging of electric vehicles and pay charging for consumers, regardless of their location. The pilot demonstration system, called B2B-Marketplace, will provide electricity providers, car manufacturers and owners of charging points with the opportunity to share and integrate their services on the basis of one common IT platform. As a result, a single European network of electric vehicle charging points will be created.

    Facilitating the proliferation of electric vehicles, the B2B Marketplace pilot demo system provides drivers with the ability to charge electric cars and pay for charging regardless of location and energy provider — an approach similar to international roaming for mobile phones. The project aims to support the interaction of numerous charging stations and utilities in a single network. As a result, electric vehicle drivers may not have to worry that they are too far from a local charging station or station operated by their electricity supplier.

    Energy supply companies, in turn, receive a single IT platform that provides standards compatibility and support for the payment process, reducing potential problems associated with currency and financial settlements.

    The goal of the new initiative, which is part of the Green eMotion project and funded by the European Union, is to form a pan-European infrastructure for electric vehicles by 2015. This task is recorded in the European Commission's European Recovery Plan document, which provides for a reduction of carbon dioxide emissions by 60% by 2050.

    “This marketplace will create the basis for the mass electric car market in Europe. It provides free access to charging points throughout Europe, making driving on an electric car simple and convenient, ”said Dr. Heike Barlag of Siemens AG, Green eMotion Program Coordinator.

    Based on IBM software and the IBM SmartCloud Enterprise cloud platform, the project creates a scalable, open-standards-based environment that enables manufacturers and suppliers to align their services with consumer and industry requirements. Using analytic software, Green eMotion program participants will also be able to gain valuable knowledge to develop new or improved services to expand the number of electric vehicles as the market grows. Green eMotion partners, in particular Enel, SAP and Siemens, have already developed the required services for electric vehicles.

    “Many of Green eMotion's innovative initiatives have the potential to restructure and improve the sophisticated European transport system and energy infrastructure. Other countries have earned a good role model, ”said Clay Luthy, Global Distributed Energy Resource Manager at IBM. “Our goal within the Green eMotion program is to help us reach a new level of technological excellence in electric vehicle infrastructure and a new level of driver comfort. We hope that this demonstration project will accelerate innovation and transformation and expand its geographic scope. ”

    IBM is one of 43 organizations in Europe participating in the Green eMotion project, including: energy service providers, electric car manufacturers, city administrations and research institutes working together to “electromobilize” Europe. In a recently presented project with ESB Networks , IBM also helps improve the reliability of electric networks, promotes the spread of the use of electric vehicles, and solves the problems of monetary and financial settlements by combining cloud and analytical capabilities.

    The E-Mobility B2B Marketplace project has been launched in various regions of Europe. Further information is available here .

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