A little about the attributes of hosts, keyboard, code and SCS in the series "World of the Wild West» (Westworld)


    Usually in the series, the spectator is shown passing portions of the screens of tablets, monitors, and other IT devices, with the help of which it was supposed to control and adjust the equipment.
    But IT specialists are meticulous. Let's take a little shove of frames, look at the pictures of the IT without haste.

    But the IT story is partly simple - they started by trying to activate the code and restore the motility of the broken bird, and ended up moving backups and returning to the matrix.

    Recall 2 games - ADOM and Fallout 2.

    The main stats (stats \ attributes) characters in these games:

    ADOM (Ancient Domains Of Mystery):

    Learning (learning)
    Willpower (willpower)
    Dexterity (dexterity)
    Toughness (strength / toughness)
    Charisma (charisma)
    Appearance (appearance)
    Mana (mana \ magic)
    Perception (perception)

    Fallout 2:

    Strength (
    Perception ) Perception (Perception)

    Endurance (Endurance)
    Charisma (Charisma)
    Intelligence (Intelligence)
    Agility (Agility / Flexibility)
    Luck (Luck \ Luck)

    There are repetitive basic attributes, without which it is difficult to imagine the player’s characteristics.
    But there are also “complicated” stats for everyday reality - magic, luck. Such attributes are difficult (impossible) to implement in the ordinary world. Therefore, it is easier to abandon their use, but to develop and expand the basic attributes with additional features of the character.

    1. About setting up hosts.
    The “bookmark” from the Admin in the code in the Host Sleep Function function allowed the host to perform non-standard actions.


    And partially there the scripts clearly indicated what actions the host should do.


    Here are the main attributes (possible changes of parameters from 1 to 20) of hosts.


    Before the change (regular parameters) HOST ID # AC5000487105:
    Bulk Apperception (apperception value * - self-awareness) - 14
    Candor (sincerity \ frankness) - 19
    Vivacity (liveliness) - 17
    Coordination (coordination) - 10
    Meekness (meekness) - 2
    Humility ( modesty) - 3
    Cruelty (cruelty) 1
    Self-preservation (self-preservation) - 10
    Patience (patience) - 3
    Decisiveness (decisiveness) - 14
    Imagination (imagination) - 13
    Curiosity (curiosity) - 8
    Aggression (aggression) - 5
    Loyalty (loyalty) - 16
    Empathy (empathy) - 9
    Tenacity (persistence) - 17
    Courage (courage) - 15
    Sensuality (sensuality) - 18
    Charm (charm) - 18
    Humor (sense of humor) - 9

    * Apperception - the concept of philosophy and psychology denoting the impact of the general content of mental activity, the whole previous experience of a person on his perception of objects and phenomena.


    After abnormal activation of the host and the application of certain actions, the storyline received a new character with modified parameters.


    After the change (not all attributes have changed the host to the maximum - there are certain boundaries, it is impossible to do maximum good and evil in the settings, for example, this will lead to contradictions in the host device, and not in the code):

    Bulk Apperception (self-awareness) - 20 (+1)
    Candor (sincerity \ frankness) - 19
    Vivacity (liveliness) - 17
    Coordination (coordination) - 20 (+10)
    Meekness (meekness) - 2
    Humility (modesty) - 3
    Cruelty (cruelty ) 1
    Self-preservation (self-preservation) - 20 (+10)
    Patience (patience) - 3
    Decisiveness (decisiveness) - 20 (+6)
    Imagination (imagination) - 20 (+7)
    Curiosity (curiosity) - 13 (+5)
    Aggression (aggression) - 20 (+15)
    Loyalty (loyalty) - 16
    Empathy (empathy) - 9
    Tenacity (persistence) - 20 (+3)
    Courage (bravery) - 20 (+5)
    Sensuality (sensuality) - 18
    Charm ( charm) - 18
    Humor (sense of humor) - 9

    Eight parameters to the maximum and almost perfect perfect character turned out. which went all the way almost to the end. But here is a little went beyond the fact of their attributes. And this means that, in fact, these parameters with floating values ​​within certain limits.

    But this is not everything, it turns out, we will dig deeper - there are still attributes such as those of the hosts:

    Perception (perception)
    Temperence (moderation)
    Sarcasm (sarcasm)
    Grit (extract)
    Integrity (integrity)
    Peacefulness (peacefulness)
    Gentleness (softness)
    Perseverance (assiduity)
    Egocentrism (egocentrism)
    Sociopathy (sociopathy)
    Intuition (intuition)
    Emotional acuity (sharpness of emotions)
    Timidity (timidity)
    Brazenness (audacity)
    Wanderlust (passion for travel) In

    addition, in the settings of the hosts there are still options that can be changed by levels such as the “Pain threshold” (pain threshold).


    And of course, memory defragmentation affects the performance of the host.


    By the way, simple numbering was used for hosts (two letters + 10 digits), examples:

    - Bernard Lowe Host ID # KP0124831432;
    - Clementine Pennyfeather HOST ID # CP0124831953;
    - Maeve Millay HOST ID # AC5000487105.

    Interestingly, the numbers of the hosts are constant or there are also new ones.

    For example, the host “Maeve Millay” had at least another host number, different from AC5000487105:

    The guests had their own numbering in the logs (without names), for example:
    - Guest ID # 398436, Guest ID # 435873

    These ID numbers were used in logs and service messages for monitoring systems.

    Good IT details with hosts turned out to be difficult for the plot of the series.

    2. Pro Keyboard.

    As close as possible to reality in this aspect, the creators managed to implement devices for control and programming. There are no particularly complex components and incomprehensible input systems.

    Tablets with a wide way of opening and touch screens in the tables. A keyboard on all devices of the same type.



    The operator needs good vision - the lines of code are not enough, and the fingers should be like a pianist.


    Very comfortable and minimal space takes. Ports are not external in the usual sense (there are service and diagnostic).

    Especially, when there is no feeling of pressing, input errors are possible.
    No mouse, no gloves, no VR (although at the end it was for hosts).
    The question about the battery in the devices is also interesting - never had a discharged device or the battery level shown.

    3. About the code and how to delete data.

    This is where the philosophy of action is interesting - if you delete data on a PC, then you don’t feel a change.

    And if you PC and delete data from you - you can understand it? Probably not.

    Code snippets with attempts to return admin rights:




    Deleting data simply by manipulating hands:


    Finding and removing infected parts of the code:



    Without stopping processes on the production system:



    In principle, this is a little absurd - so manipulate the code and work in such abnormal conditions and under pressure from external factors. It would be interesting to see just the full-time work of programmers and engineers, rather than constantly solving the problems encountered and trying to understand what is wrong with the updates.

    4. About the strange structures of the SCS inside the location “The Forge”.

    From the series - we have ten bays UTP cat 5.e, fifty patch panels and red light bulbs. Markings and cable organizers are not. Totally. But beautiful!

    It is debatable and terrible in fact to see this.



    It is clear that the location is complex and it was necessary to ennoble the background with something brutal. But the functionality of this decoration is in question.

    A bit of humor.

    It seems like in fact it turned out a kind of performance over a mixture of the plot of the original 1973 work and lines from Johnny Mnemonic of 1995, which.

    As backup designers see:


    Congratulations to everyone on the Day of the System Administrator !!!

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