Yandex.Navigator learned to work offline

    Today, a new version of the Yandex.Navigator application has been released, the main and long-awaited difference is the addition of the ability to download the map of the selected city to the cache and use without access to the Internet.

    Downloading the map is almost the same as in the Yandex.Maps application, you select the region you need and the download of this map cache begins in a compressed form, then unpacking (because of this, the maps may take up more space on the device than shown when downloading it ) .

    In addition, with this update, Yandex made vector maps for St. Petersburg and Ukraine (currently, vector maps are already used for the Moscow region) , in addition, vector maps for Moscow and the Moscow region have been updated.

    Why are vector maps better than usual?
    Perhaps this can be explained in the shortest way : the map cache for Moscow and the Moscow Region in place in vector form takes only 261.1 MB compared to conventional Yandex cards 2.9 GB (Moscow 801 MB + MO 2.1 GB)

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