CocoaHeads at FunCorp

    We have great news! On August 25th, together with the CocoaHeads community, we will host an iOS mitap (our first mitap in Moscow).


    Sergey Tursunov,

    "Swift Method Dispatch"

    • Types of Direct / Witness / Table / Message Dispatch and why it is a fundamental part of OOP
    • What types apply to value types, reference type and extension
    • How do dispatch types change with the help of final / dynamic / inline / objc / nonobjc modifiers in classes
    • The impact of WMO on dispatch and why it is a good assistant in developing
    • How to independently check which dispatch types are created for compiled files (SIL) and a little about the compilation process in Swift.

    And throughout: what bugs / features can be found, why for selectors it is necessary to specify the attributes objc / dynamic and swizzling at the minimums in Swift.

    Andrey Mukhametov, FunCorp

    “Evolution of advertising inventory”

    • How did iFunny ad start?
    • Frequent problems when working with advertising SDKs
    • Monitoring ad networks in the application
    • Native advertising
    • IFunny Advertising Architecture
    • A new way to work with advertising inventory.

    Vladimir Ozerov, Sberbank

    “Lazy loading”

    • What are different types of libraries for?
    • Mechanisms for their loading
    • How to organize your own Lazy library
    • Underwater rocks
    • Determining the optimal moment to load the library.

    Evgeny Kireev,

    "Implementation of a design system on iOS"

    • Synchronization of cross-platform design system between server and clients
    • Codogeneration of atoms, molecules and elements
    • Creating a universal adaptive UI without xibs, storyboards and without direct work with containers with support for different grids
    • Declarative assignment of layouts for UICollectionView and universal cell builder
    • Integration into a project with a modular architecture
    • Problems and development.

    Mikhail Nikolaev, Redmadrobot

    "Correct MVC"

    • MVC problems and solutions
    • Differences between content controller and container controller
    • How and in what cases to use controllers containers
    • The ability to use MVC in large projects and on complex screens.

    We start at 12:00.

    You can sign up for the mitap here or here .

    Come! We wait!

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