Songo: Vkontakte Desktop Player

    I often saw people listen to VKontakte music from a browser. And they listen, like a regular desktop player. I am disgusted by this kind of use because I like to close tabs in the browser. So the idea of ​​this application was born, which I raved for several months before I figure out what needs to be done to get it out of my head.

    Able to playlists, minimize to tray and most importantly it will never be paid, like a scattering of other proxy services such as Prostopleer. Sources are open under the BSD license. So, if I am hit by a bus, and my Vkontakte account is stolen, everyone can drive their own application identifier and enjoy the music.

    Tracks are downloaded and added, categorized by artist into the cache subdirectory of the player’s directory. No need to puzzle the browser.

    Perhaps the most difficult task was playing mp3 with support seek. To do this, I had to wrap libmpg123 with libjna, because none of the existing “pure Java” seek libraries supports.

    The interface is inspired by the Sonata player, which I use for local music.

    In the comments, I would like to hear whether anyone other than me needs this.


    It is written in Java, so you need a JRE.

    Requires libwebkitgtk2 and libmpg123 (if you haven’t already installed it). In my favorite Arch Linux, they are installed like this:
    # pacman -S webkitgtk2 libmpg123
    I hope the names of the packages are Ubuntu, Debian and others.

    Mac OS
    Install mpg123 from homebrew.


    No tricks: unpack the archive and run the bat / sh script.

    Linux Screenshots




    Binary archives and sources

    Linux32 - songo-0.0.1-SNAPSHOT-linux32.tar.gz
    Linux64 - songo-0.0.1-SNAPSHOT-linux64.tar.gz
    Windows32 -
    Windows64 - songo-0.0.1
    MacOS32 -
    MacOS64 -
    Sources -

    Enjoy listening!

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