This country can not be defeated. Post of Russia

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    There are many demotivators on the Internet on the topic “This country cannot be defeated” and all that, leaving comments on loud statements to the conscience of their authors. Russian Post often presents us with its surprises. So for example on a post office search request . Common sense tells me that services of this magnitude should be tested for cases of database corruption. Yes, and exceptions apparently need to be handled in some other way, so as not to shock users. The information contained in this post cannot be used for hacking. I would like to wish the developers an early correction of the defect and a change in the creditshalov. PS The situation seems to have returned to normal and everything is back to square one. shornikov

    [Exception: Command: POPASSPORT.OPS_PACKAGE.GetRegionList
    Connection: Data Source=MOROZ;User ID=ED;Password=qwerty123

    ORA-12170: TNS:истекло время ожидания соединения

    RPNet.Elements.SearchOPSPortal.GetRegionsXML(XmlDocument xmlDoc) in D:\Projects\RPNet.root\RPNet\Elements\SearchOPSPortal.cs:1115
    RPNet.Elements.SearchOPSPortal.GetXMLData() in D:\Projects\RPNet.root\RPNet\Elements\SearchOPSPortal.cs:1044
    RPNet.ContentNode.GetDataSearchOPSPortal(PortalPage _page, ContentNode _siteNode, XmlNode _dataNode) in D:\Projects\RPNet.root\RPNet\ContentNode.cs:2394


    correctly noted "Do not break the mail, we will not have another ..." - the other is not needed, we love her the way we have it =)

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