Where to go to the designer: prestigious awards of Russia, Eastern Europe and the CIS countries

    Galina Kamneva, a graduate student in Design in Netology , and the Chief Editor of the Netology blog Olga Evsikova made a selection of major competitions in Russia, Eastern Europe and the CIS countries for graphic designers, interface designers and product designers.

    In the article you will find details about awards, categories, deadlines, last year's winners, application features and links to contacts.

    The material came out in two parts. In the first part, we talked about the most famous international awards.

    Red apple

    Red Apple is the largest advertising festival in Russia, bringing together leading professionals in the field of global marketing and advertising. The jury includes representatives of the largest and leading communications agencies in the world, as well as local representatives of agencies that are in the top 10 of the AKAR creativity rating. This year the festival will be held in Moscow for the 28th time.

    Categories of nominations:

    • Innovation;
    • Campaigns;
    • Digital;
    • Design;
    • Film;
    • Radio / Audio advertising;
    • Outdoor & Indoor;
    • Social & Influencer;
    • Creative Effectiveness.

    To participate, you need to register and submit your work through your Red Apple account , paying the organizing fee from July 10 to September 30. The cost of participation starts from 3825 rubles without VAT and changes depending on the time of application and the category of nomination.

    Winners from Russia in 2017

    Creative Agency " Sunrise " won the award in several categories.

    • The jury gave the gold for the Vici crab stick commercial in the TV and Film Advertising category for animation skills:

    Vici Crab Sticks Commercial

    • Alibi design brought team silver in the Label & Packaging category:

    • In the "Interactive Advertising" category, the Voskhod agency received silver for a video about the diabetes problem Made By Diabetics:

    OtvetDesign branding agency took bronze for the project “Uncommon bird” - the label for the products of “IPC Norilsk”:

    Also OtvetDesign was awarded bronze for packaging design for the pharmaceutical company Polisan:

    White square

    Bely Kvadrat is an international advertising and marketing festival that has existed for more than ten years and is one of the largest creative festivals of the communications industry in Eastern Europe. Every year about 25 countries of Europe and the CIS participate in the festival. Rewarding takes place in Minsk. Organized by the Association of Communication and Marketing Agencies of Belarus ( AKMA ).

    To participate you need to register on the festival website, submit an application and pay a fee. The price depends on the nomination and time of application - on average from 100 to 500 €. There is a discount system if you submit several works at once.

    Main nominations:

    • Creativity;
    • Branding;
    • Digital;
    • Social AD;
    • Marketing;
    • Integrated;
    • Creative Effectiveness.

    Examples of works of winners 2017

    In the Print category, gold was received by the Ukrainian agency Geometry Global Ukraine with print advertising for the Fairy brand - The Power of a Drop.

    Silver was given to the project Unexpected Ikea of ​​the Russian agency Instinct (BBDO Group). Designers have shown that Ikea interiors are not only Scandinavian style.

    In the Digital & Social category, gold was given to the Wake App in Peace by Agama Digital Group. The work of Adopt a sticker of the creative agency Possible Moscow and the project The Shawerma-Shaurma Column for the Dostaevsky food delivery service of the communication group Granat received silver in this nomination .

    AKBR's Adopt a sticker received a silver award for the best Russia logo representing Russian tourism. This work also received gold in the Corporate identity category.

    The presentation of the Russia logo

    Bronze was given for the Riforma furniture brand logo to Suprematika agency :

    In the Corporate identity nomination, the Tough Slate Design agency won the gold statuette for working on the multipage edition of the Bukowski Glitch Book :

    The award in the category Design of virtual promo-tools was won by the Progression agency for the [VR] alism project for Absolut alcohol brand:

    Full list of winners by reference .

    Silver mercury

    Silver Mercury is one of the largest advertising and marketing communications festivals. The event program includes a competition of effective and creative advertising projects, a conference with speakers and an exhibition of advertising technologies.

    Nominations are divided into two blocks: the “Strategy of Efficiency” is held with the public protection of projects, “Creative and Implementation” in the format of a closed voting process.

    Applications are accepted from February 20 to April 15. The cost of participation depends on the amount of work and the time of filing applications ~ from 14 000 rubles.

    Examples of works of the winners of the category "Creative and Implementation" in 2018

    In the Branding nomination, third place was given to the DDVB agency with the design of the packaging for the alternative milk Nemoloko for the Sadi Pridonya company.


    Branding Agency Depot WPF won the third place for branding the new “Sleep to Live” platform of the Ascona brand. Designers have developed a company logo symbolizing the phase of sleep.

    “Sleep to live”

    Agency Pocket Rocket Creative was given third place in the category “Branding” for the project for the fast food delivery service Gruzin.by. The main hero of the logo has become the boss of Georgian cuisine - the talking hinkal.

    Talking hinkal greets visitors to the site Gruzin.by

    In the nomination “Best use of outdoor, In door and print advertising”, second place was given to the project “Gogol. Stops "TV-3 for creatively decorated public transport in Moscow.

    First place in the category “Best Site” was won by CreativePeople with the presentation of the first Airbus320neo aircraft in Russia by S7 Airlines.

    Presentation of the first Airbus320neo in Russia. See the

    full list of winners here .

    ADCR Awards

    Russian professional competition in the field of advertising and design, founded by the Club of Art Directors of Russia. Among the jury members are creative director of the Suprematics agency Vladimir Lifanov, creative director of Leo Burnett Moscow Alexander Merzlyakov, art director of communications at Yandex Vitaly Rynsky, brand director of BBDO Moscow Evgeny Gavrilchenko. Gold winners are given the opportunity to present the project at the ADC * E Awards - a prestigious European competition.

    This year, the competition involves works implemented from April 15, 2017 to August 2018. The award ceremony - September 26th. To submit a job, you need to register on the siteand pay the fee until August 27th. The cost of participation varies from the time of application and starts from 11 000 rubles, for students the special price is 2000 rubles.


    • Film & Radio;
    • Print & Outdoor;
    • Interactive & Mobile;
    • Design & Craft;
    • Promotions & New Media;
    • Integration & Innovation;
    • Young & Students.

    In 2017, the winners were:

    Category Print & Outdoor


    • Received by Publicis Russia in the Poster Advertising nomination with a social project for Mastercard “Help without touching” - through posters with built-in contactless payment you can donate money to children with a rare illness.

    • More in the Poster Advertising nomination, gold was received by the agency Friends Moscow for the NMD DEALER project. Before the release of the limited series of adidas Originals sneakers, the team put up posters with the “dealer” phone - the only person from whom it was possible to purchase sneakers before the start of sales.


    • Bootleg agency with posters for Czech beer Kozel "Mixed beer effect". If you cross your eyes, looking at a poster with two symmetrically arranged mugs of light and dark beer, a third mug will appear, which mixed in both varieties:

    Category Interactive & Mobile


    • In the Social Media Campaigns category, the joint project of JAMI and Zebra Hero agencies won out with a concept for Samsung YouTube TV. The teams focused on the personalization of Samsung products and enabled viewers to select shows that will appear on the channel.

    • In the Online Advertising nomination, the jury noted the project “Coffee is not a drug!” By the creative agency Possible Group . Drinks of the coffee cooperative “Cherny” were sold through a website styled as a “dark” Internet site. Details and results in the video:

    • Great agency received gold for the idea of ​​a mobile application for the AuktYon group. The application starts to play the tracks of the new album "On the Sun", if the user directs the camera of the smartphone to the sun.
    • In the Websites nomination, the award was won by the Friends Moscow agency for the RUNTOSCROLL project - a site that scrolls only when the user is running, and the winner receives new Adidas sneakers.


    • In the Online Advertising nomination, the Zebra Hero agency won the award for the idea of ​​promoting young musicians on Youtube. As part of the “Battle of the Clip Makers” show, famous bloggers shot clips for young musicians on the Samsung Galaxy S7 edge. In total, the videos scored more than twenty million views.
    • MORE agency was awarded in the Online Advertising nomination for the project for the charitable foundation “Galchonok” - It's not a coub.
    • Yandex received silver in the Websites nomination for developing the Everest website about climbing to the highest point in the world.

    • In the Websites nomination, the Possible Group agency was also noted with the project Earth 2050 for Kaspersky Lab. The site tells about the future of the planet and the cyber hazards that await us. Designers and illustrators can become part of the project by uploading works to the site that reflect their view of the Earth of the future.

    • In the Any Other nomination, Silveris was taken by the Publicis Group agency with a project to help children with “butterfly disease” - “Help without touching”, Gocream agency with a project for promoting street football “Digital-box K11” for Nike and the project Sberbank Go - free insurance policies for fans of the game Pokemon Go - agency GOOD Moscow .


    • In the Online Advertising nomination, BBDO Moscow received awards for the “Hungry Remix” video for the Snickers brand:

    Agency Friends Moscow for the idea and organization of a live broadcast from the location of the new Adidas NMD sneakers - NMD_LIVE. The viewers who guessed the location could pick up the sneakers for free. The broadcast lasted 264 hours and scored 500,000 views.

    Studio Saatchi & Saatchi for the project "Millicano with a millionaire":

    • The creative team Leo Burnett received the award for the project Scan Poster - an interactive poster of the legendary line at McDonald's - in the nomination Any other.
    • Creative Agency " Sunrise " was awarded in the Social Media Campaigns nomination for the LikeShow campaign for the Ticketland mobile app. The team staged a theater show on instagram: the nicknames of the users who liked it were formed into well-known lines from plays and poems.

    • Agency Marvelous received just four bronze ADCR Awards. For a project on the availability of high-speed Internet 1 mb campaign for Skylink in the Online Advertising and Websites nominations. In the Any Other nomination, the jury marked the creative for toy manufacturer Hasbro “Mega Brand Manager”, in which children and parents could try out a new blaster and shoot a company representative to check its safety. The “ Hero 's Flight ” project for the S7 in the Social Media Campaigns nomination, where the airline promised to call the names of the national heroes of the war 2000 planes.

    Campaign "Hero's Flight" for S7

    Tagline Awards

    Russian award for achievements in the digital sphere with an international jury (Australia, Brazil, UK, Spain, Netherlands, USA, France, Czech Republic, Japan) and popular vote. The award is awarded annually for innovative, interesting and high-quality projects that demonstrate the high level of Russian and Russian-language productions, agencies, independent companies and freelancers. Particular emphasis in judging is placed on the concept of work, the quality of their execution and the effectiveness of solving commercial problems.

    To take part in the selection, you need to register by the links: for independent teams, customers, freelancers ; for agencies and producers. Next, select a nomination and pay the application, the cost depends on the time of submission and the number of nominations - from 5,000 to 15,000 rubles. On the site you can find tips on the design of cases and a guide to creating and evaluating projects. Full requirements and details on nominations are available here .

    Categories of nominations:

    • Sites;
    • Mobile, AR, VR;
    • Digital out-of-home;
    • Social Media;
    • Campaign / creative;
    • Performance marketing;
    • Intranets;
    • Integrated digital projects;
    • Chat bots and AI technologies;
    • Perfect execution (Сraft);
    • "Shoemaker with boots" for outstanding communication agencies and prodakshnov.

    The list of winners in 2017 is quite large, all the work can be viewed at the link .

    Runet Prize

    Runet Award - an award in the field of information technology and electronic communications of the Russian segment of the Internet. Encourages leading companies and individuals who have made significant contributions to Runet. Jury members include specialists from Yandex, Microsoft, Google, Sberbank, MTS, Mail.Ru Group and representatives of leading digital agencies in Russia.

    Nominations for Runet Award 2018:

    • State and society;
    • Economy and business;
    • Media and leisure;
    • Technology and innovation;
    • Education and personnel;
    • Cyber ​​security;
    • Volunteering (volunteering) in Russia.

    In each nomination there can be up to three winners who are awarded with diplomas and prizes. In the special nomination “Volunteering in Russia” two winners are determined. The choice of winners takes place in two stages: a vote of an open community of IT specialists and a vote of top experts of the Expert Club. At the same time, a popular vote is held, where ten winners are chosen by users.

    To participate you need to submit an application and pay the registration fee. The cost of filing an application in one nomination depends on the time of payment: until the end of August - 10,000 rubles, until November - 12,500 rubles, in November - 20,000 rubles.

    In 2017 in the nomination "Mobile application" became winners:

    • Mobile application service " Yula ":

    Digital Communications AWARDS

    The award has been held annually since 2013 by the Association of Directors of Communications and Corporate Media of Russia (AKMR) and the publishing house MediaBusiness.

    To participate in the selection of "Digital Communications AWARDS" projects are being implemented with the help of digital technologies, tools and new media. One project can participate in several nominations. To participate in 2019, you must complete the registration form and pay the registration fee from August 1 to February 11, 2018. The amount depends on the time of payment and starts from 8 000 rubles.

    The jury conducts a preliminary, and then full-time vote. The results will be announced on February 19 at the award ceremony. When submitting an application to the project, you need to add a description, goals and objectives, indicate the budget, links, deadlines and contractors. Detailed rules read the link .

    Categories of nominations:

    • Digital-achievement of the year;
    • Social media and communities;
    • Digital projects and strategies;
    • Digital media and tools;
    • Academic digital research.

    In 2018, the winners were:

    Digital achievements of the year

    The company INVITRO in the nomination “ Campaign of the Year ”, thanks to the action “ Don't wait for the deadline ”, where the workers of the communication market were offered to undergo a comprehensive examination at the clinic for a nominal fee.

    The Severstal Project company took the statuette in the Innovation of the Year nomination with the VR-Tur project at the Severstal industrial site - a 3D tour of the main shops of the Cherepovets Steel Mill.

    Digital media and tools

    The MediaLine communication group picked up a figurine with a project for Medialine Digital in the Web site nomination .

    The TASS news agency won the Microsite nomination with a project dedicated to the international football tournament “ Confederation Cup 2017 ”. On the page you can view information about the history of the tournament, match schedule, tournament tables, information about teams and stadiums.

    In the nomination “ Mobile application ”, the jury noted the application “Takeda” - the electronic edition of the magazine “Nucleus” for employees of a large pharmaceutical company.

    The Sakhalin Energy oil and gas company in the “ Corporate digital-game ” nomination won with the computer game “ Travel safely! », Teaching children the rules of safe behavior in tourist trips.

    In the “ Illustrations / Infographics ” nomination, the TASS infographic studio collected a statuette for the Zenit-Arena infographic , which tells about the stages of stadium construction.

    How did the cost of the stadium " Zenit-Arena "

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