Design Camp - the first Microsoft design conference in Russia + Winter Design School for Windows 8

    December 13,
    Digital October, Moscow

    Design Camp is a Microsoft professional conference sponsored by the British Higher School of Design and dedicated to the design and design of modern applications.

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    Why are we doing it?

    Here is a simple answer: we just looked at what was happening around and decided that it was time to hold a conference for designers.

    The theme of design and, in particular, application design is not new for us. In fact, for more than a year now, at almost all of our conferences and other events dedicated to developing applications for Windows Phone and Windows 8, we have been inserting at least one design session. High-quality application design for our platforms is, of course, a key factor in the success of our platforms. Like all of you, we want applications to be better and users more satisfied.

    Today we see that it is time to go further and do something special, expanding the involved professional audience and theme of the event. By organizing Design Camp, we focus on designers, planners and usabilityists, project managers and developers creating modern applications.

    What will happen?

    We and invited experts (they, by the way, in the majority) will talk not only about Microsoft platforms. We look wider and see that today it is important not only to study specific cases of application design and adopt the best practices, but also to see trends, take a fresh look at the processes occurring in the design industry, not forgetting, of course, the basics - those ideas and the transformations behind Microsoft’s new design.

    Especially for you, we invited experts from the Group, Yandex, Usabilitylab, UIDesign, Parcsis and leading teachers of the British Higher School of Design. A special guest is Evgeny Gavrilov from the Windows Phone Design team (Microsoft), who will talk about how the pictures turn into life and the experience of their team in design integration.


    And further! Training!

    On the weekend after the conference, we will organize a Winter Design School for Windows 8. This is a two-day free event held with the support of ITMozg.

    Not everyone will get there, you can apply for participation here:

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