Yandex.Music in a new processing

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Today in the App Store a new version of the Yandex.Music application has appeared. And this is not just an update. We have added a number of features, which together are not represented in any other application on the market. Now Yandex.Music plays not only the files that are stored on the phone or are in the service directory, but also those that are on your Yandex.Disk. For example, if you have a collection of your favorite albums on it, it can be easily synchronized with Yandex.Music without any wires.

In Yandex.Music, a radio opened, but not a station, but an endless radio stream based on personal preferences. He earned immediately both on the web service and in the mobile application. You can listen to the radio by artist and genre. Let's say you like the Depeche Mode band. Surely you will be interested in music similar in style. Turn on "Radio" on the artist page and listen. Among other things, this is a good way to get to know groups that you did not know about before. Radio is available both online and offline - you can save up to five hours of radio stream to the phone’s memory.

And the application learned to recognize music by fragment. Probably, many people know how this works - you are in a cafe, a cool song sounds, you want to know the author and its name. You can click on the music recognition button, and the application will find this track. In Yandex.Music, you will not only receive information about the composition, but you can immediately listen to it and save it to the playlist.

In connection with the launch, we are reducing the price of the application until the end of February - now millions of tracks are available to you for only 99 rubles per month when paying on the service website .

You can download or update the application in the App Store .

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