Web Standards Days at Yandex

    It’s rare that there are as many developers in Yandex’s Moscow office at 10 a.m. as there were Saturday morning on November 24. And it was not another Y. Subbotnik , as you might think, but a meeting of Web Standards Days. This time, it was jointly organized by Yandex and the Web Standards Developer Association  with the support of  W3C .

    We talked with the organizers of the WSD and some speakers, including representatives from the W3C. They talked about how the event appeared, what tasks it is called upon to solve, and what they are currently working on.

    Today we are sharing presentation slides with you, but soon the video of the reports themselves will be available here .

    Bert Bos, W3C -  Current work on CSS at W3C [pdf]

    Felix Sasaki, W3C -  New developments in Semantic Web and Internationalization at the W3C [pdf]

    Charles McCathieNevile, Yandex -  Yandex and W3C [zip]

    Kir Belevich, Yandex -  SVGO: SVG optimizer [pdf]

    Vadim Makeev, Opera Software -  Clear and sharp. New graphics for high-resolution screens [html, zip]

    Anton Nemtsev, a member of the Web Standards editor -  JavaScript patterns [html, zip]

    Artyom Sapegin, Badoo - Grunt. Build system for front-end developers [html, zip]

    Anna Selezneva, CreativePeople - Responsive Web Design - What? Where? When? [html, zip]

    Patrick H. Lauke, Opera Software -  Getting touchy [pdf]

    Artyom Polikarpov, Getwear -  Technologist is also a designer [pdf]

    Despite the fact that the Web Standards Days event held in our office was the thirteenth in a row, we managed to bring something new into it and, as it seemed, bring the format to a qualitatively different level. As the organizer from Yandex, Elena Jetpispaeva told us, there were almost 250 front-end developers in the hall that day and another 400 people watched the online broadcast. And all these people posted a little over a thousand posts. From them you can find out that someone flew to WSD from other cities, someone coded right at the event, someone really did not want to get up early in the morning, but came and did not regret it. We hope this joint meeting will help the further development of the Web Standards community .

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